Know The Importance Of A Quality Cat Food Diet

For most feline parents, their feline is like a member of the family. And it is natural, one would make sure their family member eats only the best quality food. Cheap cat foods can be tempting due to the affordability but they are often made of low-quality ingredients and don’t provide complete nutrition to a feline.

High-quality cat food is naturally costly because it has a higher percentage of proteins, no grains and no additives or preservatives but is healthiest for a feline.

Here’s why selecting a quality cat food diet is important.

Essential Nutrients

In the wild, cats rely on nutrients found in the animals they hunt. These natural hunters consume prey that is high in protein, adequate amounts of fat and a minimum amount of carbohydrates. Similarly, domesticated cats also require these nutrients in the same proportion. But they also require many other essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, fatty acids and amino acids.

If a feline is fed a quality cat food diet and has access to clean water at all times, the external use of supplements for providing vitamins and minerals gets eliminated.

Age-Appropriate Nutrition

A quality cat food diet is essential for providing age-appropriate nutrition, i.e nutrition for different stages of a feline’s life. These life stages are pregnancy, lactation, kittenhood, adulthood, and seniorhood.

Quality cat food labels highlight the stage of a feline’s life cycle and also clearly highlight if the food is for all life stages. This simplifies the selection process for feline parents with felines of different ages.

Incomplete Nutrition: Homemade Food

Preparing a feline’s food at home is a time-consuming process and there are high chances that the recipe may not contain all nutrients or all nutrients in the right proportions. This is another reason why quality cat foods are recommended. These offer nutritional balance and ensure all nutrients are available for a feline. Additionally, homemade diets should only be introduced to a feline after a veterinarian’s advice.


Different felines have different preferences in food. Some felines prefer wet or canned food while others prefer dry food or the combination of the two. In this manner, feeding only the best dry cat food or wet food to a feline is important to ensure wholesome nutrition. Being aware of the ingredients in these cat foods is equally important too. Quality wet cat food diets are made with real meat and these are right for senior felines as their bodies are able to process this extra protein. While quality dry cat food diets are made with limited ingredients and these help in maintaining weight in kittens and adult felines.

Feeding a feline two or three varieties of cat food diets bestows nutritional and flavorful variety on her and prevents from developing a single preference for a particular diet. But if a feline is losing weight or she refuses to eat, this should be examined by a veterinarian immediately. Either way, feline parents need to make an informed choice that works best for their feline.

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