Know the Service Features of a Bank Mitra CSP

Bank Mitra CSP is a service outlet in rural areas and villages in India where the opening of bank branches becomes unfeasible. These outlets are set up by the nationalized banks in the country for offering their essential banking services to people living in remote areas of the nation. They are also intended to promote new programs of banks and welfare schemes of the Indian government among people in remote places. Villagers as well as those who cannot get access to paying their utility bills can utilize these CSP outlets to make payments without visiting the banks.

Some of the welfare schemes that a Bank Mitra CSP can promote among people include:

Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana

This scheme allows CSPs to provide people with a variety of financial services, including essential banking services, such as:
•    Opening of bank savings accounts to deposit and withdraw money
•    Opening of deposit accounts
•    Making payments
•    Availing loan facilities
•    Buying Insurance policies
•    Maneuvering Pension

They can get these financial services from the CSP outlets at an affordable service charge.

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

This scheme aims to make the financial status of young employees stronger. It is an initiative of the Indian government to help them lead an economical lifestyle. CSPs promote this welfare scheme to encourage skill growth for youth by offering significant, business pertinent, skill-based training to them.

Pradhan Mantri Bima Yojana

CSPs of leading banks in the country promote this scheme to help people get death benefits by encouraging them to buy an affordable life insurance policy.

GST Yojana

It is a Goods and Service Tax scheme announced by the government of India. The scheme is designed to include all indirect taxes to create a single rate and integrate the nation into a single market. CSP outlets of banks will promote this scheme to bring state and central taxes under one united tax structure.

A single filled CSP Application will make an applicant provide not only essential banking services but also promote other welfare schemes of the country to help self-employed women to purchase commercial passenger vehicles. They can also help rural families to reap the benefits of an easy loan scheme without a security deposit. Rural households can avail of a credit facility at a lower interest rate between 4% and 7%.

All CSP providers will be capable of earning a civilized amount legally in the form of a set monthly salary and commissions. Every Bank Mitra will be provided with a constant monthly income by banks. Additionally, the service providers will get an attractive commission for each banking service they render to the public living in their area.  Bank service providers can open a bank account at any branch of the bank for which they are functioning as a bank agent. They have the option to open the account in any CSP outlet of their parent Business Correspondent to whom they have sent the completed CSP application.  They can open and maintain their bank accounts with Zero balance, as well.

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