Know the Signs of Malicious Software to Safeguard your Facebook Account | Secure Facebook Account

Nowadays, many malicious programs are running over the internet. So it is must to know how to keep. your social data safe on Facebook. Actually, malicious software can infect your mobile, computer device and web browser. If you are worried about your account security or thinks your FB is hacked then get Facebook customer service. To know unsafe account sings read this blog carefully.

Here Are Some Signs That Your Account Is Infected With Malicious Program:

On Facebook You May Found Following:-

  1. Your FB account is sending unwanted messages or posting spam
  2. Suspicious log in from unknown locations are appearing in your account history
  3. You see unknown posts or messages in your activity log
  4. Your program run slower, as well as tasks, take longer time than normal to complete
  5. Found new application installed or you don’t remember installing
  6. Getting strange pop-ups or ads without opening a browser

On Your Web Browser:-

  • Getting strange pop-ups or ads you don’t remember seeing before
  • Suddenly your homepage or search engine has changed
  • In case malicious program appears on your mobile device or computer, remove it as quickly as possible to protect your data with the help of experts toll-free help number is listed on directory.
  • To Protect your FB Account from Malicious Program

Simply remove malicious software from your PC or mobile with the help of following these steps:

  • Conduct Full Scan of your device: – There are several tools are available to help you clean your device by scan like, ESET, and TrendMicro and F-Secure etc.
  • Clean your web browser Clear cache & cookies: You can simply eliminate suspicious browser add-ons, clear cache & cookies or undo recent changes to your browser settings.

Note: Download the Chrome Cleanup tool; if you use Chrome to get rid of from malicious software.

  • Bring up-to-date web browser: – With the updated version of the browser you can ensure or get latest security updates. Facebook supports following web-browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

In your FB account was infected by a malicious program or it is often used to follow/like Pages and people you’d not want to follow, then call experts via Facebook customer support phone number for security purpose. In addition, you can delete any posts you didn’t mean to post or review your activity log.

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