Know the total cost and time for creating an app like UrbanClap

UrbanClap known as Urban Company is the leading on-demand home services provider in the Indian market. It recently raised $190 million in funds and its total value surpassed a whopping $2 billion. UrbanClap is also available in many countries like Australia, Singapore, and the UAE. It earned a humongous Rs 216 crore in revenue in 2020. UrbanClap’s app has been downloaded more than 10 million times by users.

More than 35,000 certified and trained service providers offer beauty care, carpentry, cleaning, electrical work, painting, pest control, plumbing, repair of appliances, spa and salon services at affordable prices to customers.

Entrepreneurs can emerge as the king of the fast-growing home services market by initiating Urban Company clone app development with a competent app development company. Smoothly operating Android and iOS apps for the customers, service providers, a modern web dashboard, and an advanced admin panel will be created quickly.

urbanclap clone app

Analyzing the timeframe for launching an app like UrbanClap?

It takes just a few days or some weeks to deploy the customized UrbanClap in the market. This is very quick when compared to several months and years that entrepreneurs have to wait when they create an app like UrbanClap from scratch by assembling all the resources and technologies.

What are the different facets that influence the cost of UrbanClap clone app development?

  • The hourly/monthly rate paid to the backend developers, finance managers, front-end developers, marketing specialists, project managers, QA analysts, and technical support staff.
  • The level of customization as the business firm would require to showcase its brand name and logo.
  • The nature of features (basic and advanced) included in an app like UrbanClap for the homeowners and service professionals.
  • The kind of tools and technologies utilized for UrbanClap clone app development. It includes different frameworks, platforms, and programming languages like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apache, Google Maps API, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Kotlin, Mailchimp, MongoDB, MySQL, Swift, and Twilio.
  • API integration with payment systems like Apple Pay, FreeCharge, Google Pay, Paytm, and PayPal.
  • The extent of cross-platform compatibility as an app like UrbanClap needs to work glitch-free across Android, iOS, macOS, Web, and Windows operating systems.

Concluding Viewpoint

UrbanClap has now become the undisputed leader of the Indian home services market by overtaking other players like Bro4u, EasyFix, Helpr, HomeTriangle, Housejoy, and Premend.

Entrepreneurs can earn huge revenue through booking cancellation charges, a commission from service providers, transaction processing fees, subscription plans, and publishing strategic advertisements. They can reach out to a knowledgeable app development company for game-changing UrbanClap clone app development.

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