Know The Types Of Ethnic Jewellery Sets

Whether you are attending a wedding with a glamorous lehenga or are going to a formal event, jewellery is a must. You cannot miss out on completing your outfit with only the best. It is rare to step out in traditional costumes, so why not make it memorable?

Pairing your ethnic wear with the perfect jewellery set adds the oomph you need. Your clothing, style and occasion decide the set you should choose. However, knowing the popular designs help make a statement.

It also assists you in online jewellery shopping from the plethora of options available. It is best to stick to the classics when unsure, as they have stood the test of time. Having one of them in your jewellery collection guarantees you shine with your ethnic ensemble each time.

Here are some of them:

Kundan jewellery: It is a timeless style passed on for generations since its popularity from the Mughal era. It is the ideal choice opted by brides. You can include it in your collection to get an entirely traditional look each time you wear a lehenga.

Multicolour choker: If you want something extra to add to the shimmer of gold. This is an apt option. It gives you the versatility needed to pair with any clothing. So, next time you are looking for a jewellery set online, make sure to check this style out.

Meenakari set: The jewellery pieces in this type of sets come with intricate designs. It is known as the art of enamelling. You get it in vibrant colours like blue, mint green, bluish pink, etc., and also pastel shades. Some of them have patterns on both sides to give you two looks with a single set.

Pearls and diamond-studded set: If you want something minimalistic and modern, you can look for exquisite diamond-studded sets. Adding them to your ethnic wear creates a fusion that is sure to grab attention. Make sure to look for the right cut and diamond design during jewellery shopping online to match your clothing. It is also a smart choice considering its compatibility with evening dresses.

Temple jewellery: Antique ornaments are fashionable for the edgy and regal vibe they give. You could jump on the trend by getting your hands on them. Moreover, these sets are known for their South Indian essence. They are primarily rich in gold, exhibiting a royal aura. Find the temple jewellery online based on your choice to take your fashion game a step ahead.

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