Know the Types of Strapping and Their Uses

Strapping is one of the most essential ways to pack boxes and cartons. You can also strap the pallets with strapping materials and tools. Today, people use scientifically prepared straps in the packaging industry. However, strapping is noticed from the very beginning of civilisation when they used to send crops and other items from one place to another. Today, 3 types of strapping are well-known, just like Polypropylene Strapping (PP), Polyester Strapping (PET), and Steel Strapping. A detailed description will be given shortly. However, if you want to purchase Polyester Strapping in Tullamarine, and its nearby locations, you have to contact the top companies reputed for supplying all equipment and strapping tools. Let’s know the details about the various strapping and their uses.

Polypropylene Strapping (PP)

Polypropylene (PP) Strapping is the most common strapping material and it is available in the market with a wide variety of tensile strengths. Concerning the variety, you will get different width, core size and tensile strength. Depending on your application type, you can choose the PP straps. While manufacturing, it is embossed to give it extra strength and friction bearing capabilities. You can use it in strapping machines as well as hand strapping tools. You can strap with buckles or heat press processes.


  • It increases about 25% while strapping, but you can use it safely to strap various kinds of boxes, cartons and pallets.
  • You can strap printed materials like magazines and newspapers
  • Direct mail packaging
  • To carry on millwork like banisters, mouldings, etc.

Polyester Strapping (PET)

Polyester or PET strapping is smooth in form, but the tensile strength is high. As per information, most polyester straps are made from recycled plastic bottles and similar other things. However, they are purified and given qualitative treatment to make them appropriate for high strength strapping.

Uses and Benefits

These polyester strapping has a higher tensile strength compared to steel straps. For having the quality and tensile strength, you can use it in place of steel straps as well. The cost is lower, but flexibility is higher. For rigid loads, you can use PET straps. Here are some uses-

  • Lumber
  • Wood plunks packaging
  • Metals packaging for transport
  • Pallets of Bottles and Cans
  • Bricks packaging
  • Tiles packaging for transport

Metal can harm some parts of tiles, bricks, etc., but PET dies not. Therefore, metal strapping becomes rare day by day after the PET coming out in the market.

Steel Straps

PET is the competitor of steel straps. However, steel straps are not out of usage. Still, a lot of rugged items are being strapped with these steel straps. They are used for their higher tensile force, rugged appearance, the least damage while transport, the least friction damage and so on. However, the cost of steel straps is high. So, people are using these straps less. Here some of the uses-

  • Heavy industrial and manufacturing equipment
  • Steel coils strapping
  • Construction Materials strapping
  • Packaging of Bundling metals
  • Baling wire strapping
  • Securing Metal Containers
  • Packaging for Rugged transport

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