Know Top 5 Healthy Options For Dinner Booking In Train

After COVID everything has changed. But the huge change that we can see is in the food facilities on the Indian railways. The Indian railways have introduced an online food delivery system. Which serves the best quality and hygienic food to the passengers. People, these days are more concerned about their health and diet. So railway has improved their food system. Now you can order breakfast, lunch snacks and late Night Dinner Booking In Train is also available.

This new system by IRCTC has many Benefits also. You get served food from FSSAI-approved restaurants. Passengers can enjoy different varieties of food. You can get discounts and offers through online food in train also. You can order different and delicious food items at 500-plus stations. Now you also don’t have to worry about night dinner because many restaurants are there that serve at late night also. Let’s look top 5 options for your dinner booking:-

Dinner booking with IRCTC:

The official app of IRCTC that is serving more than 20 lakh passengers over 400plus stations is one of the good options for the passenger to order dinner in train especially late at night. This app has more than 600 plus restaurants under it which have approval from the food safety department. You can order food items like samosa, noodles, jalebi, South Indian food, Punjabi food, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Continental, Gujarati food, and many more food items for your dinner.

You can book food through this app fearlessly. Because they are taking proper safety and measurements. They will provide you with your food on the seat with contactless delivery. You can also do more with this app. Like you can check your PNR status, train schedule, hotel near your destination, customize food, live train location, and many more. You can easily order your food with this app by just filling in your PNR number OR train number.

Book your dinner with the ZOOP app:

  This is the Indian no one trusted app. This app is the first app that tie-up with IRCTC official site. To provide the best service to the customer. The passenger can get a wide range of options for dinner with this app Dinner Booking In Train becomes an easy task. It also provides snacks and beverages and breakfast and lunch options as well. The latest technology used in this app connects the traveler, restaurant, and railway.

You can easily order food on the train with the zoop app. With following steps

First, download the app.

Open the app and enter your PNR number or train number.

Choose your delivery station and Restaurant.

Then from the restaurant menu option, you have to select your favorite food item.

Make the payment Or you can do cash on delivery also.

Then wait for your order confirmation message.

This app also provided a lot of discounts and offers also.

Online dinner booking with the Zoop app:

This app has a lot of options and features. It is made specifically for food delivery in train for passengers. So that passengers can enjoy fresh, hot, and delicious food anytime on the train. You can avail yourself of a variety of food options with this like combo food, mini thali, veg food, nonveg food, snacks, South Indian food, Punjabi food, Gujarati food, Maharashtra food, And beverages like tea, coffee, juice, and milk. There are many more food options that you may get confused about what to order and what to leave.

This app is currently available on Android phones only. And service at 300 plus stations. It provides many offers. If you are its first user then you will get 100 rupees off. It also gives offers like 10% off, 15% off, and many more on daily bases and also gives you exciting coupons also. So with this, you can get your favorite food at a very less price.

Dinner booking with Gofoodieonkine and rail yatri:

Dinner time is the most special time. Especially while traveling, you crave to eat a lot of delicious food at night. With Gofoodieonkine and rail yatri you can settle your night food cravings. These apps provide the Dinner Booking In Train facility with many options and discounts. These apps have restaurants that have certificates from the food safety department.

The Gofoodieonkine app is a well-known app for food delivery on trains. This has a food tracking system with which you can track your food.

Rail yatri is one of the best and most well-rated apps for the train. It has a partnership with IRCTC for online food in train at over 160-plus stations.

Both the app are good for online training services and satisfy their customer with on-time delivery.

The procedure to order food online from this app is also easy. You have to fill in your PNR number and then select your delivery station and food item. After that, you have to pay. Then this is it.

All the above-mentioned apps are the best apps for your dinner booking and serve their level best to the customer. They also have food cancellation options. So that if your train gets delay or due to any other excuse you can cancel your order but before the order is started preparing.

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