Know Your Dumpsters: Getting the Right Size for the Job


Dumpster rentals weren’t as popular as they are these days. Throughout the country, more and more people in Ardmore, OK, are getting involved in hiring dumpster rentals to their homes and businesses to make the waste removing process easier and more convenient.

The desire to clean up your living spaces has never been as demanding as today. Every other day, there are different renovation and decluttering projects in different parts of the city that require roll-off dumpster rental services. Such services make the task easier and faster without any hassle of disposal. 

So, if you are starting a project and need construction roll-off dumpsters, you need to weigh the different factors influencing the size of the dumpster to be hired. Dumpsters come in various sizes. Determining the size of the roll-off dumpster trailer can be daunting if you aren’t aware of how to calculate the size. 

So, here are a few factors to be mindful of while choosing the perfect dumpster size for your construction project.


Weight and Height Restrictions

roll-off dumpster rental service is unable to haul your debris on the road legally if it is too high. A dumpster size also impacts the safety features. If you get a dumpster that is filled too high with debris, you would have to remove the excess if you don’t want to charge a fee from the rental service company of the dumpster. 

Ensure to stick to the weight allowance of the dumpster you opt for and avoid paying any overage fees while weighing the debris in the landfill or recycling facility.


Spacing at the Work Site

If you hire a dumpster rental for delivering to a small alley or driveway, ensure to double-check the dumpster’s dimensions, including the hauler. And compare the dumpster size to the space available. Mostly, a roll-off dumpster trailer is eight feet wide. However, the dumpster’s length increases with its size. 

While you calculate the space, ensure that you typically have an eight feet wide door or two four feet wide doors. They should open by swinging open to the back. With these doors, you can walk in heavy items much easier. Therefore, ensure to consider the additional 4-8 feet of space to bring this feature to effect.

Dumpster rental

Amount and Type of Debris

Calculating the debris volume to dump in the dumpster can be difficult. More so when you are dumping construction debris or household junk. Choosing a too small dumpster can be an issue. If you are trying to save a couple of bucks by squeezing the debris into a small-size dumpster, you would have to eventually pay for the fees in the landfill or recycling facility.

Alternatively, when you find yourself left with extra debris, you can figure out your plan of action with the remaining debris. Or, you may have to pay for two dumpsters to remove the entire debris. This may require you to move out of your budget. 

This is why you should choose the perfect size of a dumpster so that you do not need to pay extra or make more effort to clear up the debris.


Size of Dumpster

Consider your project’s debris type, amount, and scale to hire a roll-off dumpster. If you need a dumpster for clearing out a spare bedroom or a half bath, you can hire a small 10 cubic yard dumpster. But you will need a large 40-yard container to dump the waste resulting from large home cleanouts or demolitions projects. Only that big of a container can carry the weight of such debris.




Choosing the ideal roll-off dumpster size is no rocket science. With many local haulers and dumpster rental services in Ardmore, OK, you can inspect the factors influencing the size of the dumpster to hire one and get your job done.

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