Knowing the Shapes of Diamonds

Every part of the decoration has a story to tell. From mine to customer hands, it’s one long trip. Adornment not only tells us their story but also gives us a good memory we remember a million times. It can be a wonderful marriage, an unforgettable engagement a celebration or a day you and your partner appreciate. Choosing the right jewelry is important part of the process. But the best choice between them is important in the whole process of buying and wearing jewelry. It could be anything as delicate as pearl nails, or as delicate as rubies choker, but the right jewelry can make a big difference in the same way as dress and attitude of a woman. Most of us women have spent years playing with the contents of her mother’s jewelry box, they were captivated by the crystal that put in all their glory, placing our wrists twice our height wrists with bangles. But now most of us are in the early years of our glorious collection of jewelry, it is natural to want to know what we like, and what the fashion trends are there is.


Let’s take a look at some of the most popular 2020 fashion trends to help you understand what new styles of jewelry are, and make informed choices about decorations worth spending on. The shape of a diamond refers to the body shape of a diamond and is often one of the first signs that a couple thinks about when buying a diamond. While a round diamond is a popular choice, many couples also draw a different look for non-circular diamonds, or “fancy shapes”. Heart-shaped diamonds include princess, pearl, emerald, Asscher, radiant, oval, pear and heart-shaped diamonds. Each diamond shape has its own unique characteristics and is determined by different specifications, which affect the overall look of the stone. Here are some diamonds shapes that you should know about –


Princess Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular form of diamonds. Princess cut diamonds have beautiful spikes of square diamonds. They offer a modern look and flexibility to work in almost any style of ring.


Cushion Diamonds

Cushion’s cut diamond incorporates the attraction of a square but with soft, round edges, which lends itself to this love shape. This timeless structure is based on the discovery of an ancient mine, and it has been redesigned centuries ago. Cushion cut diamonds are a great option for any set style.

Emerald Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are precious for their beautiful beauty. The shallow tent and crown emphasize the clarity of the stone, while the reflective steps enhance the color and brilliance of the diamond


Asscher diamonds

Asscher’s cut includes a square shape with cutting corners. The high crown with large cut features gives a glimpse beyond any other popular step-by-step shape, emerald shape. It is smooth and modern in solitaire settings, and its unique texture perfectly complements the inspired vintage styles.


Pear Diamonds

The shape of the pear puts on the rounded edge that touches the point at the opposite end. This unique system snaps the fingers and gives it a different look. The combination of the marquise shape and the most popular glossy circles, the diamond-shaped diamonds are designed to reflect the brilliance of the diamond, which makes it important to find a stone with a large scale.


The Glorious Diamond

The glittering cut diamond incorporates the shadow of the emerald cut diamond in the fire and shines a round circular diamond. Due to its structure, this composition requires a lot of carat weight in depth to maximize gloss.


Oval Diamonds

The ideal oval shape is always the same and shows the same fire and splendor in the oval diamonds. A radiant twist around the classic, compact make-up can create the illusion of large size. Oval diamonds have a variety of functions, are wonderfully beautiful, and unique.


Heart Diamonds

A heart-shaped diamond shows true love. They sparkle with two equal halves, creating a bold and loving look. Heart-shaped diamonds are very popular in Claddagh designs and give a unique look to any engagement ring arrangement.


Marquise Diamond

The diamond-shaped diamond has sharp pointed edges in the center for eye-catching looks. With a wider range of space than any other diamond shape, the shape of the marquise increases the visual size and gives a different look to any set style.

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