Knowing Where Best Termite Bait Stations Are

Calling the nearest pest-control agents near you is often the considered best solution when one of your family members spot even a single pest invading your home. They are called pests because of their nature to destroy things and most importantly are capable of destroying the happiness of enjoying staying at home during this pandemic.  Moreover, many people wonder how they can solve this before it even starts going out of hand and if they can solve it on their own without needing professional help. Now is the time to stop worrying encounters with our enemies because the solution is right here.

Why use termite baits instead of calling pest-control?

Best termite bait stations first of, not costly therefore you do not need to spend more than 200 bucks to save your humble abode from pests. Second, for those who have kids or are animal lovers, you do not have to worry anymore because it is much safer than pesticides because it can be assembled beneath the ground, keeping it out of reach from your kids and pets. Third, you can do the installation of your termite baits on your own; you just need to follow a few steps as stated in the installation manual to do so. Lastly, it is best for termite prevention because by detecting the infestation for example the colony of subterranean termites you already came up with a solution, even they plan to become your problem.

How to make sure it works?

The key to the success of your desire to protect your house from these stealthy pests relies on where you would plant the termite bait station and how properly you will install them. If you want to make sure that, the termite baits will not harm any of your loved ones, below-ground baits is your best option. Yet, before digging holes for the termite bait by the form of cylinders, you should map the perimeter of your house first, mark the installation spot with a distance 10 feet away from each one and make sure it is 2 to 4 feet away from your house’s foundation and drip line.

When you finish mapping the house and knowing where installation spots are, you can start digging burrows just enough to accommodate the size of the cylinder. Now, for the cylinders, there are two choices, bait stakes are slender cylinders that can carry smaller amounts of termite food enough for just a short period, compared to the larger cylinder that will take a while to be installed but can go on for long without being refilled. You can choose whether you would create the hole manually or if you will use the auger that will come in with the package of the termite bait. After doing so you can now place the cylinder filled with food for the termites.

After two months upon installation, check the cylinders on a regular basis for signs of termites.

By two months, it should be enough for underground mites to discover their food in the cylinder but if there are still no signs, you can check again every 20-30 days. Once there are already signs of termites, you can refill it with the poison-filled food source, the underground termites by then will carry the poison-filled food to their termite path and enable the spread of slow-acting termiticide.

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