Koi For Sale In New York Come To Torii Koi Farm To Buy.

Koi Fishes a beautiful fish that has been bred for thousands of years. They are known as “gifts of God” because they were created for us to enjoy. You can see why they are called “God’s gifts”. 


Koi are sold at the farm products direct sales office. Our Koi Fishes grow in ponds and aquariums in an environment free of chemicals and pesticides. This allows them to lead a long and healthy life. 


 Various types of Koi Fish for sale in New York. Some are more colorful than others. The color of the Koi Fishdepends on the type of carp. There are two main types of carp. One is a goldfish, which has a yellow body and a blue tail. The other is a Koi Fish With a red body and a white tail.  


 If you want to buy carp, we recommend you come to our farm where you can meet the owner in person and see the carp. Then you can  decide whether to buy.

Please contact us via email at toriikoifarm@gmail.com or phone at 516-641-0184.

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