Korean women are envied all over the world for their flawless skin. And, now you can get a sneak peek into their beauty routine and ensure that you look absolutely stunning on your wedding day. Here are the simple yet very effective 8 beauty secrets that every woman must steal. Try them and see a glowing you each day, everyday.

The 4-2-4 routine

Korean women follow a 4-2-4 technique where you have to clean your face with cleansing oil for four minutes, then with a foaming face wash for about two minutes and finally you have to rinse it off with lukewarm water first and cold water later for about four minutes. This technique not only cleanses your face but also closes all the open pores.

  1. Moisturising

The women in Korea do not slap on the moisturiser like we do. They take it on their fingertips and rub it for a few seconds to warm it up. They then apply it all over their face in a downward direction.

  1. Facemask

Korean beauty products often make use of silkworm cocoon powder for skin whitening. While, this exotic ingredient may not be available, you can substitute it with a homemade mask. Just mix egg white and honey and apply it on your face once a week.

  1. Neck cream

What is the use of a radiant face when you have an ugly neck? The skin on the neck is as sensitive as the skin on your face. That is why; it needs to be nourished with a neck cream daily. The Korean women, however, have gone a step further. Not only do they apply the cream on their neck, they apply it all the way up to their décolletage.

  1. Exercise your facial muscles

The women in Korea chant ‘Ma Me Mi Mo Mu’ ten times a day to exercise their cheek muscles. They also stretch their facial muscles and take deep breaths to ensure that their skin does not start sagging the day they turn 40.

  1. Day and night moisturiser

Your skin has different needs throughout the day. In the mornings and afternoons, it needs protection from the sun but once the night sets in, it needs to be nourished and replenished with essential oils. That is why; they invest in a separate day and night moisturiser.

  1. Hydration, healthy eating and beauty sleep

A beauty secret that the entire world believes and follows is drinking plenty of water and eating healthy food. Koreans tend to eat foods that have low sodium content as it helps maintain the water level in their body. They also drink a glass of water everytime they get up from their seat and splash their face with cold water. Also, they never compromise on their beauty sleep!

  1. Tap to tone

The Koreans tap their toner with their fingertips onto their skin as they believe that this facilitates better absorption.


Source: Wat-Not

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