Kros NANO 5% Disposable Device – 5000 Puffs – 6 Pack


Kros is the next generation of disposable ecig devices. The Kros Nano and Kros Mini disposable ecigs were engineered with the user in mind as they are sleek and comfortable to hold or carry. With advanced technology, the Kros ecig devices boast premium mesh coils that give a very smooth flavor. They are packaged fully charged and are rechargeable which makes them last a long time.


Energy: The Energy Kros Nano uses a mix of sweet and sour fruit flavors to taste like a popular energy drink flavor.
Banana Strawberry: The new Banana Straw Kros Vape flavor blends a ripe strawberry with a flavorful banana for a smooth flavor combo.
Watermelon Ice: The Watermelon Ice Kros Nano vape flavor combines a delicious watermelon with a crisp menthol finish.
Tropical Punch: The Tropical Punch Kros Nano provides a laid-back, tropical fruit blend that features a bold mix of mango, passion fruit, and pineapple.
Strawberry Watermelon: The Strawberry Watermelon Kros Nano vape is packed with tart and sweet fruit flavor in every puff. This Kros flavor has a fruit combination that blends a ripe strawberry with a flavorful watermelon.
Summer Berry ICE: The Summer Berry Ice Kros uses a trio of blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry with a light cooling mint finish. This blend of flavors gives vapers the experience of eating fresh summer berries served over crushed ice.
Maui Mango: The Maui Mango Ice Kros Nano vape uses an incredibly flavorful mango flavor and cool mint mix. This well-built vape device by Smoore provides a long-lasting vape experience and amazing taste.


13ML Pre-Filled E-Liquid
5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength
Full Charged & Rechargeable
Premium Mesh Coil
Approximately 5000 Puffs

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