Kyiv National Medical University for Higher Education

Kyiv National Medical University was established in 1992. The university consists of honored doctor of Ukraine, associate professor, candidates of medical science, Ukrainian association of traditional medicine, etc. University establishes clinical and teaching base along with the introduction of latest technology. Here Kyiv National Medical University Fees Structure is available for Students.

The university is additionally registered within the medico Directory that is maintained by the University of National Capital together with the globe Health Organization and therefore the World Federation for Medical.

The course fee for the post-graduation is depends upon the course elect by the students. a number of the featured courses provided by the Kyiv medical university for are medical specialty, medicine, Internal diseases, Urology, biology, Toxicology, Radiology, Oncology, pulmonic drugs, medical specialty and Venereology etc.


The Lecturers at Kyiv Medical University are glorious skilled in their individual subjects. Conjointly the Certificate provided by this university is well received in major countries of the globe. The Kyiv medical University has excellent library for the students. Beside this the Kyiv medical university conjointly facilitates scholarship to the students once a year.

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