This particular Integrated Circuit (IC), the L9613B013TR, is an insulated gate bipolar transistor. The IC has a zener diode.

L9613B013TR is an integrated circuit that has a build-in Ethernet controller and supports 1GbE, 10/100MbE and 10MbE. This IC simplifies the design and reduces manufacturing costs by combining the functions of a PHY, MAC and the buffer memory in a single device.

L9613B013TR is a series of 3.3-volt, 15-amp-maximum low dropout (LDO) linear regulators that can provide output currents up to 25 amps with a 4-ohm load. They are specifically designed for power supplies for industrial equipment that require high performance and reliability.

L9613B013TR is a 14-Bit Digital Pulse Width Modulator. We supply ICs for electronic devices such as security systems, industrial controls, and other embedded computing applications.

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