Lab Coat Washing Service | Because Lab Coats Deserve More Than Regular Wash

Whether one is a doctor or physician or researcher in a lab, everyday exposure to contamination and infections from chemical and biological agents is something that’s an inevitable part of work. For this very reason, lab coats act as the first line of defence against all these harmful substances.

Irrespective of the circumstances, these professionals must begin their day at work only after wearing a clean and sanitized lab coat. Working in hospitals or medical facilities means working in close proximity with patients. A contaminated and dirty coat is extremely detrimental not only for the wearer but also for the health of others.


Cleaning & Caution Go Hand-In-Hand

Without a trace of doubt, a lab coat needs regular cleaning. The needs grow even more when there are apparent or even potential signs of contamination. What does that mean? Regular washing with those usual detergents? Nah… washing has a different meaning here.

While you can wash normal clothes like you do almost daily, lab coats deserve extra care. Having said that, these stuff are not meant for home cleaning. Why? Because doing that puts your household at verge of toxic infections and contamination. Hence, they need proper treatment and sanitation to remove bacteria, chemical substances, pathogens and microorganisms.

As home washing just got out of the window, lab coat laundry service sounds its best replacement. Professional washers well-equipped to handle lab coat laundry eliminate every health risk.

Let’s take an example to understand the role of these services even clearly. Assume a professional spends their entire day in a laboratory filled with radioactive materials. As obvious, their lab coat will catch beta/gamma-emitting radioisotopes, which can’t be removed with regular wash. To battle these contaminants, professional washing is the only way out.

Fabric Is Well Taken Care Of

Lab coats are costly affair; hence, concern towards maintaining their life is genuine. Skilled washers understand this fact very well and use techniques that expel all the stains, dirt and contamination without degrading quality of the fabric. The coat looks clean and sparkling after it has been washed. Talking about fabric, it feels even soft and gentle.

Outsource Washing

As already said, lab coat laundry in-house is an intimidating task. Also, it is too costly; thus, outsourcing the task is a better and economical decision.

A set of standards is followed in combination with appropriate measures to ensure optimum sanitation and cleaning. Timely delivery and world-class quality cleaning assures 100% clean and sanitized coats.

Switch to certified lab coat washing service for cleaning solutions without compromising on your organization’s rigorous hygiene standards.


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