Lacelestina – What makes this job special?

The work as an escort is interesting and varied, but for many people, it is not quite clear where the line to prostitution can be drawn. Ultimately, prepagos baratas bogotá can work as escorts, but it doesn’t necessarily work the other way around.

In addition, there are of course differences in the business itself. This article, therefore, deals with reputable escort agencies that employ their ladies and gentlemen either permanently or registered and insured freelance. With these models, the demarcation is much easier and the complex job profile can be highlighted.

Escort – the escort service and entertainment:

The biggest difference to pure prostitution is the time. The work as a prepagos barrios Unidos cannot be summed up in minutes but takes hours. It’s not about the number of men or women pleasured in a day or night, it’s about the quality of time spent with a single client. Because he books an escort service in Bogota for various reasons:


Escort ladies or prepagos cali are often booked as accompaniment. They should keep business travelers busy during the trip, accompany them to a dinner or accompany them in their free time with a city tour, tours through the region, or on a special occasion.
Regardless of the business appearance, the accompaniment can of course also be booked as a company. If you don’t want to go to a concert, the theater, or another event alone, you can ask an escort agency for a lady.


The focus is on entertaining the customer. And this is often desired at a high level. Very few escort customers are looking for an accompaniment that serves as a pure arm decoration, but they want versatile and profound conversations.

Therefore, good escort ladies or prepagos bosa laurels bogota are often very well educated, are pursuing a degree, or work full-time in a high position. The field of knowledge must be broad, as the conversations can range from current topics of the day to politics to sports, to travel or art.


Booking the escort lady should be an experience. The customer determines what this looks like and usually specifies it in advance. Experience does not mean a special event, but simply the fact that the hours with the accompaniment are eventful, interesting, and entertaining.

From these points, it is already clear that escort ladies have to offer more than pure prostitutes. You must be open-minded about many topics and prove to be versatile and educated.

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