For ladies – there are a few important things to consider when deciding on a cycle to help achieve their goals.

We are almost certain that no lady wants:

Increased hair growth!

Masculine features!

Deeper voice!

Smaller breasts!

So here we are going to set about the most common suggested cycle that most women can do, to achieve that beach body, flat stomach and athletic strong look – safely! Post cycle therapy supplements

Some above side affects can be reversed after a cycle – however its nor a nice experience or a sacrifice most are willing to make or put up with and I cant blame them!

Here are some of the top steroids/meds that ladies can take with most safety from avoiding the above side effects!


The best steroid for women and by far achieves the best results. You can expect little to no side effects using this if small doses and for short periods of time. Moderate dosing and with good exercises and a controlled diet will yield excellent muscle gain (not masculine!) fat burn and tightening of the waist. A dose of 5-10mg per day should be taken daily for 6-8 weeks at a time.


As above – it is often considered the cheaper version of ANAVAR and works the same – however some side effects can be dry joints. Sometimes women do take a mix of the two, so Anavar and Winstrol to stimulate more muscle receptors and increase anabolic benefits however – this is fine. A dose of 5-10mg per day for 6-8 weeks is recommended before a break!


This will really burn fat and will be the main component to reduce body fat. One tablet per day for two weeks is recommended before a break for two weeks and then you can repeat, for up to 8 weeks. Its important to take a break to not only allow the body a rest, but to also reduce the chance of your body becoming tolerant to Clenbuterol and then needing more. Once on it – your hands will probably be shaking which is a sign it is working, and if this isn’t manageable or too much, then you can half your dose by splitting the tablet in half! Sexual performance supplements


This also will affect your thyroid and speed up your metabolism, allowing you to burn fat much faster. Same as clenbuterol above – it is recommended to take this at 1 tablet per day for two weeks and then a break for two weeks – then repeat. This is to allow your thyroid time to recover and so as to not let your body build a tolerance to T3.

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