Laminate Flooring: Here is your Ultimate Guide

Laminate flooring is the exceptional multi-layer flooring material which is made from wood fiber and offers quiet a close look of natural materials such as stone, wood and tile. Laminate flooring has various layers which are enfolded together at a very high pressure and temperature. The core layer of the laminate flooring is produced by high-density fiberboard and which gets it strength from resin. On top of this there is also a decorative layer over which you get a printed image. Then it is covered by a translucent overlay, which sits on top to preserve the surface from everyday damage and tear. The overlay also helps maintenance thanks to its hard-sealed cover, which is stain-resistant. You can select from a range of finishes, depending on your design and style preferences.

The core layer is a high-density core board constituted from more than 80% wood that grants extraordinary structural strength and high resistance. On top sits the premium decorative layer made from printed paper, which allows for a wide variety of very detailed designs and beautiful colors and patterns. It is sealed with our innovative protective surface, which ensures long-lasting durability and hygiene. We also use a unique embossing technique to give the body a more realistic texture. This procedure also permits the extension of complicated decorative effects. The bottom layer of our laminate is a balancing layer. It preserves the core board from moisture and also contributes dimensional stability.

  1. Extremely resistant protective surface.
  2. Premium decorative layer
  3. High-density core board
  4. Extremely stable balancing layer

How durable is laminate flooring?

Laminate wood flooring Vancouver is extremely long-lasting. The high-density core board offers maximum impact resistance and can withstand heavy furniture without denting. The top layer protects the surface against scratching and fading, making laminate well adapted for rooms with high-traffic and homes with pets.Spills are frequently not a dilemma if they are washed up straight away. However, your laminate floors will sustain water damage if water seeps into the seams, penetrating the floor’s lower layers. You can eliminate the risk of this happening by sealing the joints with silicon treatment.

How to install laminate flooring?

Establishing laminate flooring Vancouver is prompt and straightforward. Most of them come with a tongue and groove system where the laminate boards fold and lock into each other. Our laminate floors come in the form of 2 easy-to-use systems that allow glue less installation. Laminate floors are created to ‘float,’ which indicates they relate but not to the subfloor. A foam underlayment remains between the laminate and the subfloor.

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