Landing Page Optimization

One of the major goals of any website is to convert visitors into profitable customers. It is essential that your webpage offers such attention-grabbing offers that they are bound to avail the services provided by you. Landing page optimization is definitely one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal.

Landing page optimization helps in more conversions, ultimately contributing towards the gain from PPC.

Its main aim is to make pages in such a way that they are able to engage more and more number of people and increase the profit you receive from your paid search

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What is a landing page?

A landing page is basically a webpage that allows visitors to get information about what the brand offers to them.

A standalone page which serves the sole purpose of leading the visitors to a product and helping in converting visitors to customers.

It is also known as lead capture page, destination page or a static page.

The actions taken by a visitor on the landing page is what actually helps to determine the conversion rate of the advertiser.

These pages can also be linked to social media. The landing page usually contains some information to contact the company in order to take action. This most commonly includes a phone number or email address.

Landing pages are of Two Types :

Reference:– These pages display information that is meant for the visitor. It can include anything from graphics, images and related links.

Transactional:– Its main purpose is to convince the visitor to take some action. It basically involves displaying a form to be filled with information. The visitor’s email address is added to the mailing list.

What is landing page optimization?

Landing page optimization involves creating web pages which are well designed.

It includes optimisation of every element on the page such that it contributes towards increasing the number of visitors hence helping you to achieve the goal you desire from your website design companies Perth.

It is important that your landing page is appealing and it should definitely come up to the expectations of the target audience.

Landing page optimization is one of the most effective marketing strategies that lead to increased conversion rates.

Basic elements of landing page optimisation:

Landing page optimisation involves designing your landing page in such a way that it is appealing, eye-catching and at the same time it does not include too many colours and too much styling.

There are some basic elements in landing page optimization that one must be aware of. Let’s know about them before learning about landing page optimization.

The very crucial element for optimising your landing page is the image. Visitors do notice the image that you put on your webpages. Not just this, images are a good way to convey your offer to the visitors. Display a decent, simple image that tells about your brand and what you offer.

Headlines are also an important part of landing page optimization. These are necessary not just to persuade visitors to take action but also to let them connect with your service and offer. Optimising the headlines must be the topmost priority of any company willing to succeed.

Optimisation of the landing page is not complete if you do not pay attention to forms. If you include a form on your landing page, it is required that you place them smartly on your page. It should be simple, precise and ask for information that is really necessary and required. This can improve the chances of people filling the form.

Call to action:- The key element of landing page optimisation is the creation of CTAs. You need to create CTAs that are effortlessly simple, appealing and impactful. Choose a large font size that is easy to read. Develop a tone of urgency. Try writing it in the first person as it provides better impact.

Another great idea to optimise your landing page is including the option for live chat. Visitors like it when they are guided personally and it can provide them with better assistance. Live chat crucially increases the chances of visitors being convinced to avail your service.

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