Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes Manufacturer and Supplier in India


What are Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes?

Large diameters are pipes with a diameter larger than 457 mm (16 inches) and 508 mm (20 inches). We can say that pipe diameters bigger than this OD are usually known as “large diameter pipes,” as the maximum diameter for ERW pipe is generally 457 mm (16 inches). For big steel pipes using LSAW and SSAW, 2540 mm to 508 mm, or 20 inches to 20 inches.

Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockist in India

Inox Steel India is a top leading large diameter pipe manufacturers in india. Fabricated steel pipes with large diameters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are fabricated from different steel grades.These Large Diameter Pipes are utilised for material transportation in huge quantities. Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes are used in the oil and gas industry, wastewater management, marine water purification, pollution control, and water filtration industries.We rule the market as a well known large diameter pipe Suppliers in India.

Supply and export of large-diameter fabricated pipes

Inox Steel India is one of India’s leading Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes suppliers in India due to their dependability and performance. Our huge customer base likes our large diameter fabricated pipes since they are of the finest quality. In many different uses across the world, pipes made in India by Inox Steel are utilised. Customers in five different countries regularly order pipes from us, and we ship pipes to more than 26 countries.

Applications & Uses of Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes

  • Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes are mainly used for the chemical industry.
  • Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes are Used for Oil & gas industry
  • Mechanical engineering is used Fabricated Pipes with Large Diameters
  • Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes are Used for Engineering, Pressure Vessels
  • Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes also Uses for the Marine industry
  • Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes Uses for Petrochemical industry
  • Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes u for Refineries
  • Large Diameter Fabricated Pipes use for Water Treatment

Inox Steel India also manufacturer and supply Welded steel pipe

Inox Steel India is a top leading Welded Pipe Manufacturer and welded pipe suppliers in India.We regularly send shipments to several nations for our recently acquired clients. In order to fulfil the demands and requests of our clients, we are able to transport Welded Pipe from our ready stock.

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