Largest Sign Board Manufacturers in the Middle East

The Middle East Digital Signage Market is segmented into categories – Kiosks, Boards, Billboards, Signboards and Software/Hardware services catering to the products along with system integration.


These are applicable in Commercial, Industrial, Real Estate, Institutional, and various other Infrascutrues in modern cities.


According to LPFLEX, the largest signboard manufacturer in the digital signage industry, sees a gradual increase in the demand for LED, LCD, OLD and projections to display any content from Audio Visual entertainment to streaming of educational media and information.


Digital Signboards are superior to Print in every way; playing an important role in longevity and providing more mileage than static signs while also being effective in production costs. Digital draws customer attention effectively, along with the capacity to adapt to changing requirements and scenarios when needed.


Whether they are digital kiosks or wall displays, digital signage has a tremendous impact on the audience. Costing lesser resources and leaving long-lasting impressions on the end-user, advancements in such technology will boost advertising and branding greatly.


“The Digital Signage market was valued at around $ 422 million in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 18% to cross $ 1.14 billion by 2023.” – according to techsiresearch report.


The potential for deployment of Digital Signage is high, with several countries in the Middle East region, like the UAE, that is focused on transforming cities into smart cities. 

As a result, new opportunities for information exchange have arisen. For example, Dubai has been evolving faster in comparison to the rest of the world and is dominating the GCC and MEA areas. 


In the past few years, digital signage systems have taken over as advertising mediums. Experiencing greater demand in the region, due to the presence of major retailers growing over time. Printed signage displays are being replaced by digital signage at a gradual pace and have become the most preferred advertising method.


Large signboard manufacturers like LPFLEX have been contributing to this rapid growth and adoption of digital signage among major retailers and cities across the UAE and Middle East region.


Mostly found in public spaces, large signboards and digital signages are also installed inside public transport, stadiums, hotels, retail, corporate buildings and more. Content is displayed in large and small formats alike, with content management systems used to maintain content via computers and servers through remote hosting services.


Emerging Trends


The digitalization of various mediums has introduced new trends that have influenced the industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and other Internet of Things (IoT) have been developed further, integrating this technology and merging them with digital signage and signboard systems.


This has helped the personalization of content to grow much more refined and rapidly become accessible to a lot of businesses. Also, contributes to the boost in productivity and becomes a household name for companies, ranging from big retailers to smaller businesses and restaurants.


Such technologies have been receiving positive feedback from many companies and have embraced them while adding more value to research and development for the same.


How this affects the industry


The ease of effectively monitoring consumer behaviour and gaining meaningful insights enables the advertisers to target potential consumers. This also helps in growing their respective bottom lines.


Digital signages offer a greener option for companies that are concerned about their carbon footprint. Advancement in technology helps in an environment-friendly option that provides interactive and engaging content. 


Also improving consumer perspective of such brands, contributing to CSR too.


LPFLEX – The largest signboard manufacturer.


LPFLEX, which has offices in the UAE and other areas of the world, provides a variety of services to various businesses, including digital and static signage solutions, architectural lighting solutions, and retail marketing display solutions.


With an experience of more than 99 years in the industry and serving in 100+ countries, LPFLEX understands what your brand needs in terms of delivering the right message to the masses. Being the leading solution provider for branding in innovative static and digital signages makes it the perfect digital signage company in the Middle East region as well as in other cities.


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