Lase treatment for scars removal

Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatment in Mumbai, India

Scars are meant to serve a reminder of how strong you have been and overcome adversities. But sometimes scars are nothing but bad memories.  Accidents, injuries and surgeries are painful memories that shouldn’t be etched on your body for life. In cases of acne scars, it’s just marking on your body that you didn’t ask for. Either ways scars are a dark spot on your otherwise perfect skin. Rather than hide them with makeup and edit your pictures to look better, try a permanent solution, scar removal treatment.  Scar removal is a procedure designed to diminish the visibility of scars, and in some cases it also stops scarring from recurring like keloid scars and raised scars. Scaring due to acne, previous surgeries, acid attacks and other facial skin disease can also be treated with facial scar removal. Laser treatment is some of the procedures used for scar removal. Laser treatments are effective, painless and not to mention non-invasive. This means that these treatments leave no scars or any visible marks.

At Allure MedSpa, Mumbai, India, we have a long and successful history of treating people with acne scars. There are various types of acne scars namely, Depressed (Pitted) Acne Scars, Rolling Acne Scars, Box Car Acne Scars, Ice Pick Acne Scars, Raised Acne Scars, Discoloration and Pigmentation Scarring, Hypo-Pigmentation and Erythema (Permanent Redness). Laser Scar removal treatment could take thirty to sixty minutes. There is no down time associated with scar removal and you can return back to your normal routine post the procedure. Although you will be asked to avoid exposure to sun, swimming, tanning salons and certain skin care products. You will see a visible difference after the first week, but it may take up to a year for scarring to show perceptible improvement. Scar removal treatment has no significant side effects, risk or complications. Besides, we also use topical numbing cream to smooth out any discomfort associated with it. A little time you spare and go a long way with your skin care.

Laser treatment for acne scars depends upon many components. Moreover, there are various procedures involved which can be customized according to the age, gender and skin type. When your looks and your body is on line no expense should be too big. If you compromise on excellence while trying to cut the cost, you may miss out on the best results.  At Allure Med Spa we pride ourselves in providing transparency in cost in any Cosmetic Treatment you choose. The results of the treatment will depend heavily on your skin type, area of the scar, your age and type of scarring. Our cosmetologist is an expert, well versed with both the science and art of cosmetic treatments. With their expertise and use of the latest techniques and technology, we delight our patients by delivering amazing result consistently. Don’t live with scars, gift yourself a clear and beautiful with scar removal treatment. Book an appointment today.

Our celebrity cosmetic surgeon in mumbai, Dr. Milan Doshi has years of expertise, skills, and experience. Allure MedSpa is the best cosmetic clinic in mumbai that offer solutions to all types of cosmetic surgery related problems.

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