Laser Beam Technology in Metal Cutting And Metal Surface Engraving And Marking

Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking is the method in which laser beams are used to engrave an object. Considered to be a unique method than the usual marking on an object, the technique does not involve the use of inks, or dyes and has no tools or carving bits which contact the surface and wear out. It has an advantage over the regular marking technologies where inks or bit heads may have to be swapped periodically.

The term laser marking which is used as a generic term in fact covers a range of surfacing techniques which include printing, thermal branding and laser joining. The machines for laser marking and laser engraving are almost similar, and are sometimes misunderstood in practice. In a sense, laser marking is the method of removing microscopic layers form the material surface, creating noticeable markings on the topmost surface. Different Laser surfaces perceive the actions in different ways by. For instance, a harder surface, action is ablation, which is dislodging of microscopic particles from the engraving material surface.

While laser engraving can achieve more depth, laser marking is typically a method wherein the surface etching is comparatively shallower. A laser beam converged to a fine point is used to vaporize materials on the surface this ends up in a precisely cut edge. This is referred to as the Laser cutting is a technology and is characteristically used in industrial and manufacturing units, it also finds use in small business setups, architecture and civil construction sectors, and to some extent among hobbyists as well. These kinds of Laser cutting works carried out by accurately focussing a high-power converged laser beam are most commonly done through the involvement of laser optics where a computer numerical control unit or module is used to direct the laser beam on to the material surface.

Thus focused laser beam, which is directed to the specific area of the material surface, melts, burns, vaporizes it away thereby leaving the edge with a high-quality surface finish. Plus points of laser cutting over the traditional mechanical method of cutting is that the working is much easier, better precision, no wearing out of mechanical devices in the process, chance of warping is nil, a very small heat-affected area, efficient action on materials that are difficult to cut by traditional way. Laser cutting especially while considering metal sheets has its own unique advantages over much expensive plasma cutting, being more precise while using comparatively less power in cutting sheet metal; it is cost effective as well.

Laser beams used in laser cutting are generally called as the CO2 lasers. This particularly is best suited for cutting, boring, and to some extent engraving also. The other two lasers used are neodymium lasers and neodymium yttrium-aluminium-garnet lasers. While these lasers are quite identical in construction, they basically differ only in their application. The former is used for boring; the later is used both boring and engraving. However, CO2 and Nd, and NdYAG lasers can be applied in welding activities since the actions and the basic principles are the same. Solid state laser that is rapidly growing in today’s technological world is the Fibre laser in the cutting industry. Contrary to the CO2, a Fibre technology laser utilizes a solid medium, and produces the laser beam which is then amplified within a glass fibre.

Fibre lasers produce an extremely small spot size which makes cutting materials with reflective surfaces, which happens to be the main cutting edge over the CO2 lasers. Although there have been establishments dealing in laser cutting machine and engraving machines, only a few ones have been able to deliver quality products and consistently cater to the client requirements. Signvec Technology established in 1997 has been providing top class services in engraving and signage industry. Specialised in laser engraving, cutting and marking machines, not only provides equipment of superior quality but also provides prompt after-sales service too.

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