Laser Cutting, Letter Bending Mechanism and Their Role in Industrial Sector


Laser cutting machine uses an expertise or methodology where the materials to be cut are vaporized by the help of laser beams, resulting in making an incise on the surface. Mostly used in industrial manufacturing applications, small businesses, and hobbyists, laser cutting machine works by pointing a high-powered laser through optics. The laser optics in combination with computer numerical control is employed to direct the convergent beam on the material surface.

It uses a motion control system to follow a specific pattern to be cut on the material surface. The focused laser beam that is directed at the material, melts, burns, vaporizes away, and the debris is blown away by a jet of hot air, leaving the surface with a high-quality finish. Basically when these machines were developed they were mostly used to drill holes in diamond die and punches.

Later on in the early 1970s, this machinery was put into the task of cutting titanium for aerospace applications. Carbon-di-oxide based laser cutting machines were later on adapted to cut non-metals, like textiles, however they were not powerful enough to rise above the thermal conductivity of metals. Since the quality of the beam has a straight impact on the focused spot the advantages of laser cutting machine over mechanical cutting is that the reduced corruption of work-piece or the surface.

A bending machine is a mechanized tool used to create a bend on a work-piece. Here the desired bend is created by using a bending machine which functions on a linear or rotating movement. These kinds of CNC bending machines are developed for their high flexibility and very low setup formalities and processes. The bending machines bend single pieces as well as batches with the same accuracy and competence.

A universal bending machine comprises of a basic device that can be perfectly tweaked with very little exertion and can be used for creating a wide range of bends wherein a simple integration of system enables quick and easy changeover of tools and devices. Basically the mechanism consists of a work bench, and an integrated software for programming and operating wherein the software part delivers a bending command and the mechanical tool carries out the bending process.

A variation in the machine mechanism and the software makes it a letter bender, in which letter bender or the letter bending machine, is once again a computer controlled machine formed to enable the production of specific alphabets or letters. An automatic letter bending machine is basically used for creating and bending of various letters without manual interference. The main plus points of this machine are its ability of making curves, bending without incision, slitting or cutting. The machine forms of any shape with a high level of finishing and quality.

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