Latest free XBOX One and XBOX 360 Gold games introduced for May 2019

Xbox Live Gold subscribers have a number of perks to avail with their subscription which includes exclusive discounts, multiplayer titles and exclusive deals, but one of the best perks that every Gold member loves to enjoy is the accessibility of free titles on monthly basis.

Xbox Live Gold services are available on both Xbox and Xbox 360 which allows players from both the platforms to avail free limited time titles and after every passing month the list of free games is refreshed to let players explore new games from the wide range of titles available for purchase.

This unique perk allows players to play new games every week for free and players can purchase the title from the store if they enjoy playing the Limited Time title. Xbox console users can refer to the list below to know about the free games available for the month of May 2019 and explore the exciting new titles.

  • Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

The Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon allows players to dive into the world where deadly aliens are invading the planet earth with the help of giant insects with only one motive, that is to conquer the entire planet earth and eliminate the human race from the planet.

Players will be able to choose from a wide range of items including more than 300 different weapons, Armors, protective gear and cosmetics which allows players to enjoy the title in whichever way they please and enjoy the thrill of eliminating every monster alive.

  • Marooners

Marooners is a combination of various mini-games which allows players to have a run through mini-games and solve random problems. The game allows gamers to team up with their friends through multiplayer mode where players can solve exciting puzzles and spend some quality time.

Players can even challenge each other in different mini-games which would be quite fun while having a gathering or a party. So this game is also viable to check out, and if players enjoy the title, they can visit the store to purchase the title for themselves.

  • Comic Jumper

Enter the world with a complete action pack comic book inspired title which allows players to in-act as a character in a comic book who fights all the evil forces in his surroundings.

This title is quite fun as all the interactions like sound and graphics are based on comics and allow players to have a thrill of reading a comic while playing the game. Interested players can avail this title from May 16th and purchase the title from the main store to purchase the title

  • The Golf Club 2019

Players who are looking for some excellent golf gameplay can avail the Golf Club 2019 title from the store from May 16th. This title would allow players to customize their in-game character with a range of different cosmetics to choose from. Players will require to be focused and keen-eyed to hit the ball appropriately so it would be interesting for sports gamers to get their hands on this excellent title.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers have an exclusive chance to experience the title mentioned above for free for the month of May and players can purchase any of the free games from the shop if they like the title and want to play in the future as well.

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