Latest Games Revealed for April 2019

Finally, the month of April is upon us and gamers around the globe should be prepared to experience new and updated titles to explore different and unique in-game interactions.

This upcoming month players can be sure of a variety of new titles for all the available gaming consoles like PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Gamers across various platforms have a number of options available to choose from to explore new and exciting titles.

Titles like Mortal Kombat, Shovel Knight and Cuphead are confirmed to be released this April to know better about the upcoming titles for this week, and you can refer to the list below and avail the best titles that suit your gaming requirements.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

A new and improved addition is set for the long bug slaying series with the latest Earth Defense Force. A new Iron Rain series is going to roll out on April 11th. Players who are looking for killing some giant incest have an excellent game to experience.

Latest Earth Defense Force title will require players to eliminate the giant insects who are trying to invade your mother earth, and in order to safeguard your planet, players will have to put on their mechs suit and head out for hunting all the invaders and finally eliminate their supreme boss.

 Shovel Knight: Showdown

The latest extension is going to be featured for the Treasure Trove, and this new addition is going to thrill all the RPG style gaming fans this April 9th.

The new Shovel Knight: Showdown will avail players with a new multiplayer mode which would allow them to race alongside other players to complete different stages or players can also duel with each other to win gems.

Moreover, if a gamer already has the Treasure Trove installed then, they can download the Shovel Knight for free, so it would be really awesome to grab on to this deal and enjoy the latest title.

Mortal Kombat 11

Well, Mortal Kombat 11 fans are quite eager to experience this new season for the long going series, and finally, this great hardcore action-packed title is going to be available from April 23rd.

The latest Mortal Kombat 11 will feature a number of old and new characters with an option of customization for all the characters, so be prepared to experience some of the deadly move sets included and fatal blows for this upcoming game.

Days Gone

Prepare to be a part of the zombie’s apocalyptic world in which players will play the role of Deacon St. John who is the protagonist of the title.

In this much-awaited title, players will be able to slay all the blood-sucking zombies from April 26th,  but one and only important point to keep in mind is not to get caught in a horde of zombies during the night period. Players will be able to explore the vast infected lands and collect necessary resources to survive in extremely hard conditions.


Nintendo Switch fans have an excellent chance to play the famous Cuphead title on their Switch devices from April 18th. This latest version of Cuphead would even allow switch players to play as a Mugman in Single player mode.

The other aspects of the game are as per usual and will require gamers to go through different stages all across the island and defeat various bosses in the game.

Above mentioned games are available on various different gaming consoles and devices, so players should look forward to experience these latest titles which are going to be unveiled during the month of April.

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