Latest trends and features pertaining to e-learning apps like Udemy

 There has been a significant increase in the usage of e-learning apps like Udemy ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. It has become the most preferred means of learning and is adopted by schools and educational institutions globally.

Latest trends and features pertaining to e-learning apps like Udemy

 According to the Global newswire reports, the educational technology industry is expected to reach $680.1 billion by 2027, growing at an annual rate of 17.9%. Considering the ongoing trends, e-learning apps like Udemy can be considered as a prolific educational companion for learners. 

Most sought after features of e-learning app like Udemy

Learning management system: Learners can view the courses they have selected, and the progress seek shows the percentage of the course completed. In the case of the module designed for school or university, it will include assignments to complete, upcoming tests, ranking systems, and so on. The progress of each course is updated in real-time. Adobe Captivate Prime and Docebo are some of the examples of learning apps that offer these features.

Course preview: As an introduction to the course, users can view the preview, which shows insights about the aspects offered in the course, reviews given by fellow learners, course syllabus, and a brief introduction to the course. 

Certification: Certain courses have certifications offered by leading universities and colleges. These certifications are helpful for students to gain attention in their higher education and job applications.

Recommendation: Based on previous learning history, a recommendation is offered to the students. Apart from the course, sellers can also list their courses on top using the feature listing facility wherein they have to pay a certain amount for these listings.  

Data Analytics and Report: Analytics play an important role in understanding the traffic of the application. With the assistance of the Google Analytics tool, the most personalized courses can be offered as part of the suggestion tab. If the learners frequently use certain domains, then more courses can be offered in those domains and likewise, expert teachers can be hired for those courses.

Assessment: It is a great tool in managing the progress of the students. There are advanced tools, including tools to create tests, assessments, and quizzes. These can be extremely useful in the case of educational institutions to conduct periodic assessments. They can also enter the answer and will be checked automatically. For example, Google forms are proving to be a great tool to conduct MCQ tests and it provides instant results. 

Grade book: The learners are evaluated against different domains of learning. It helps to understand the areas which require more focus and improvement. Parents have a separate login to access and view students’ progress.

Upgraded learning experience via AR and VR Technologies

Enhanced learning environment: With the advancement of technology, the learning environment has completely transformed through interactive learning. Learners can completely immerse themselves in the learning world and learn with more involvement. 

Immersed Gamification: Compared to the traditional learning methods, kids are more involved through the learning process enabled through gaming. What can be more fun than game characters coming to life in our surroundings, this is exactly what can be achieved through Augmented Reality techniques. 

Real-time examples: Students can visualize and understand the concepts better through real-time examples. For example, if they are taught biology, they can understand the anatomy better if it’s presented via AR through which they can see and learn our human body functions. 

At present, the VR and AR glasses and other equipment are not part of every household. According to a report by Consultancy, AR and VR technologies will boom to $170 billion by 2022. It is only a matter of time before they become an integral part of an app like Udemy.

Summing Up: 

E-learning has transformed the process of learning. There has been a trajectory growth in their usage. It is going to be part of the future. Entrepreneurs can confidently invest in e-learning PHP scripts to earn tremendous ROI.

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