Launch a customizable video-sharing social media app like TikTok

Smartphone users have been using social media platforms to enjoy fun content during their leisure time. With the recent buzz, video-sharing and content-sharing applications like TikTok have become more popular. In the past two years, TikTok gave heavy competition to the most popular video-sharing apps (Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube) in the world. One billion people downloaded this app, and it has 500 million active users. On average, people spend nearly an hour daily. It is noted that this app is popular among teenagers. 

However, several social media apps are available, but choosing TikTok clone app development is the best option for business people to boost their business. There are many reasons for this app’s popularity. Among them, the prominent reason is its filters, sound, and effects. 

tiktok clone

Implementing monetization options to earn money

You have got a quick idea about the popularity, features, and development of the app. Let’s see how business people can make the most out of your money. They have to know the monetization process to earn revenue. The following few standard monetization options are mentioned below.

In-app purchase: You can enable users to make a live stream using coins and purchase options. Users can use these as real money during live streaming. You can even have premium features so that premium users can pay monthly or annual subscription charges.

Advertisement: It is one of the effective ways to earn money from the app. In this, you can contact sponsors who are interested in publishing ads on your app to promote their brands or service for their business development.

Fund: In the initial stage, you can find investors who might be interested in your ideas and invest in some features of your app.


Since social media apps are popular among young people, there is fierce competition in the market. At this point, business people can come with their own app or using a clone app. It is better to utilize a few functionality of the TikTok for your app to make a profit in business. Just, make sure to give your app development project to a successful mobile app development company to develop a customizable app that suits your business needs.


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