Launch the doctor on-demand clone and provide medical consultations to users

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Welcome! Technology innovation has never subsided to provide smart business solutions. One of the most sought-after businesses are the on-demand delivery services. When the pandemic hit, we all were depending on delivery services for our necessities as we don’t want to risk our lives by stepping out.

Now comes the interesting part. Are you familiar with the on-demand medical services? Does it seem strange? Like how technology has paved ways for attaining multiple delivery services, it has also made the on-demand medical services a possibility. But, how?

Doctors and patients can come inline with the help of an app thereby avail of the service. Users or patients will book an appointment with the doctors from the app, and take away consultation via video calling or chatting features. Quite innovative, right? Let us see the development of doctor on-demand clone app in the next section.

Alluring features present in the doctor on-demand clone

Reserve appointments

Booking appointments is crucial for consultations. With this app, users can book appointments with doctors in a few taps. Appointments can be booked for both online consultations and in-person consultations.

Video calls

One of the most intuitive features is the video calling feature. Users can get medical advice from doctors via video calls. In addition to 1-on-1 video calls, users can also add people to the call.

Upload documents

Users can upload their medical documents on the app so that doctors can see through them and provide consultations accordingly.

Record calls

While having a video call with doctors, users can record the call so that they can refer to it in case of any clarifications.


Vested with many real-time features, the doctor on-demand clone will be perfect in rendering healthcare consultations to users. Get your ready-to-launch doctor on-demand app from Appdupe. All the best!

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