Launch the Most-entertaining Fantasy Cricket App in No Time


Hi! Is there anyone who doesn’t love cricket? If so they are probably aliens. Cricket is one of the most entertaining games of all times and loved by people of all ages. Agree, right? Do you wish to take the enthusiasm of people to the next level by developing a fantasy cricket app development development? If you are ready for this, then here is our ready-made app solution.

At Appdupe, we design fantasy cricket apps and load them with a crazy number of features. Here you will get an idea on the features and the working of this cricket app.

Firstly, let us look through how to use the app.

As a first step, users will join the app after finishing the registration.
Next, users can see the tournaments and select the match to participate.
On the other hand, users can also create their own match and add participants.
Once the match starts, users can keep track of their scores via the live score feature.
Based on the match results and winning criteria, users will get points.

Features included in the fantasy cricket app

Live scores – The app is integrated with an API to display live scores of the match. The live scores will help users or players to have an eye on the scores then and there.

Leaderboards – The app will display the names of players who have scored the highest on the leaderboards. This is one of the ways to cheer the players.

Player cards – Player cards will let users decide the players for their team. The player card will contain details about the players like their previous performance, number of matches played, matches won, etc.


On the whole, shelling out money in developing fantasy cricket app development is really worth it. If this app development kindles your interest, please get in touch with our team.

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