Launch your customized Play and earn an Axie Infinity clone with INORU


NFT is booming in the market, and yeah, the globe wants all new. And it is not any surprise. You have something to explore every new day in the crypto world and technology. As it got on the Decentralised platform, the gaming industry eventually had hype. Axie Infinity like NFt games, gained increased traction with lucrative opportunities to explore in the NFT market. But 2021 was a clean sweep for the NFT gaming industry with the Play and earned a strategy. 

Axie Infinity Clone 

We know the game Axie Infinity is all about battling and breeding axies in the platform. At INORU, we help you build a similar Axie Infinity Clone with improved customization features and in-game trading facilities in decentralized networks that allow players to gain increased rewards and collect rare NFT, including skins and features abilities swords, and much more in-game. This is a real gaming field with Real investments and income in return. 

Salient Features guarding App Like Axie Infinity Exclusively for Security purpose

  • The platform is decentralized that clarifies the fact that the data are all available for public access. 
  • Transparency is ensured
  • Person to Person interaction. 
  • End to end encrypted platform ensuring data security 
  • Multiple levels of security protection 
  • Inbuilt and integrated Crypto wallet
  • Multiple wallet integration engaging multiple payment methods
  • Integrated with Know your customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) 
  • Two-factor verification is also available.

Why choose INORU Built your Axie Infinity Clone?

INORU is a team of young minds with high tech knowledge working on building Web 3.0 for the future. We help you launch a fully-featured NFT platform for gaming. Out White label solution, we will build you your Axie Infinity clone in a perfect time with a highly secured system operating on the decentralized network with all capabilities to track increased revenue. So why not? Reach out to INORU now and get to explore your opportunities with our customized NFT Game Like Axie Infinity.

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