Launch Your Next-door Clone That Bridges People With Their Neighbors

Hey! This day, you will gain knowledge about an interesting app development idea. Let us see what the topic is all about. We are familiar with several social media apps that connect us with people around the globe. But, we rarely socialize with our neighborhoods. Agree? You can develop a business by connecting users of the same locality.

Yes, at Appdupe, we have a special app solution called the Next-door clone. Basically, the app lets users explore their neighbors by connecting with them. The aim of such an intra-community app is of great help to residents and even business persons. Let us see the benefits of this app in the below section.

Features Of The App That Provides A Variety Of Benefits


First, users must enroll themselves on your app by providing their personal details. Only after registration, they can see the other users and services listed on the app.

Search for services

Service providers can list the type of services they are ready to provide on the app. Based on the list of services, users can choose their preferred ones. Services can be of any type including food delivery, laundry services, grocery, etc.


Users can organize events or parties and invite people in their community or locality to participate. They can also upload invitations and let users know the event details.

Post ads

As said in the beginning, business persons can make use of this app by promoting their services on the app. They can display ads and attract users.


I hope these features will really collect the attention of your users. Are you ready to launch your Next-door clone? If yes, ahead to our team at Appdupe, and we will help you customize your app according to your business.

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