Launch your Practo clone app to bounce back your business in the online space


One of the finest and purest services on earth is Healthcare. And this sector has seen a lot of improvements where technology has been pivotal. In a pace scaling up, the business was required to stabilize due to the curfew. And then, with the emergence of app like Practo, the business scaled up massively and encouraged entrepreneurs in the sector and other startups to get started with their Practo cone app to meet the market standards and scale up their market eventually. 

What is a Practo clone?

In the first place, Practo is an online doctor consultation app with multiple features and functionalities that facilitate the users to easily book doctor appointments and schedule meetings for patients through their mobile phones. This eliminated the need to step out of the house and complete the entire consulting section and get advice in one sitting. 

Similarly, Practo Clone is a Fully featured doctor consultation app with all the abilities of the actual platform. In addition, it is open to more customization for the entrepreneur to make required changes in the app, fit in for their business, and act accordingly. Developing your Practo clone app through a white label solution is the simplest method to get your app developed and launched easily with not much complication. Instead, developing your doctor consultation app from scratch is a long process involving more time and energy. 

Practo Clone App Is The Best Choice For?

  • Hospitals  

This app works best in managing the a to z of your hospital, from scheduling doctor appointments, checking doctor availability, hospital management, staff coordination, and many others in a single platform. 

  • Healthcare  

Any primary healthcare center or other health care center can effectively render their service online through Practo like app. Through its online activities, the app can stream increased revenue for the business. 

  • Startups 

New startups in the Healthcare sector can vest on these platforms to gain increased traction for their business and get the best outcomes in terms of audience attention and revenue with an efficient Practo clone app capable of managing the business. 

  • Individual practitioners 

A lot of individual practitioners suffer from no proper employment. The platform can be a great space to explore their expertise. This encourages many doctors and individual practitioners to render their service and gain experience eventually. 

  • Pharmacy 

On the other hand, when your Practo clone infuses in-app pharmacy options, this can give space for pharmacy owners to get increased traction for their business. This feature encourages the users to buy their prescription from the pharmacy in-house and get it delivered to their doorstep. All this, in turn, benefits the business.

Final Verdict

To get all these benefits for your business, get your Practo clone app developed and launched with us. At INORU, we provide you with a customizable white label solution to develop your Practo clone with improved technology and advancements. 

So what else? Get started with your online Doctor consultation app development process with us and emerge as the pioneer in the sector and progress in the Healthcare sector with a truly compatible and technological solution.

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