Laundry Room Design Tips

Just a washing machine in the laundry? This idea is terrible. A good laundry needs perfect storage. Usually people are used to the washing machine set in the bathroom, but the humid environment is not conducive to the maintenance of the machine. In fact, we can design a laundry room separately. If it is designed properly, it will not waste space, but also solve the problem of home storage.

Make good use of combination cabinet

In the laundry room, a reasonable combination cabinet can collect storage, ironing, hanging and cooling, which is tailored for the laundry room. The tall and straight appearance is enough to attract people’s eyes. The detailed classification of functions also saves you the trouble of cleaning supplies storage.

1. Black invisibility

In addition to practical, I didn’t expect that laundry could also become a part of your taste. American home style with black laundry room, very cool! Black combination cabinet almost invisible washing machine, with colorful carpets and wood like floor tiles brighten the whole space, small space using all black will not be so depressing!

2. White safety

White is always a safe match, open space use large storage basket to increase the effect of neatness. If there is enough space in the laundry room, you might as well arrange a small bedroom for your pets.

3. Add a cover

If you are a tidying controller, you can’t see the littering of small objects, and even the clothes hanging out will make you feel not neat enough. It’s very necessary to add a curtain that can be operated at any time to the small space. It’s a good way to pull it up when you don’t need it to store small objects.

4. The countryside is quiet

Pastoral style has always been loved by many people, in addition to eye-catching, pastoral style brings people more flavor of life. Laundry in the yellow and light blue color of the fusion, like the sky in the sun as warm, give people a quiet feeling!

If you don’t need too much storage space, you can use your imagination to decorate the laundry room according to your unique taste.

Shelving is also a good choice

The slender shelf is suitable for the narrow corner, without leaving any available space. The top of the shelf is full of holes in the metal plate, you can hang all kinds of cleaning appliances, simple shape has powerful functions, every humble item in the laundry room has a magical use.

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