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Extended Shengyuan was the initial wig company in Xuchang to subscribe on Alibaba Worldwide Station (B2b mix-border e-commerce platform). Later, they needed charge in registering Alibaba AliExpress (B2C mix-border e-commerce platform). The founder Zheng Yongqiang started in Shenzhen in the late 1980s, and initially labored in Hong Kong and Korean wig companies. “Nowadays, those who might be effective need to know the net and British.” In control in those days told him.

Different from best lavividhair, when the business started,  connected a network cable inside the company’s office when Alibaba had been a baby. The business’s e-commerce salesforce has increasing numbers of people when compared with the production team. Extended Shengyuan produces unique wigs in addition to purchases them from their factories. Zheng Yongqiang told the interface reporter their items might be offered in more than 80 countries through e-commerce. When customers are good, they provide 20 million monthly. The publish-90s employees inside the team can earn numerous yuan yearly.

In Alibaba AliExpress, the normal daily global sales of wigs in 2014 showed up at 40,000 sets, directly entering the most effective three mix-border sales groups, and many 90% of the parcels were sent to the united states.

The best way to sell wigs to youthful people of African descent?

How to talk to black consumers is one kind of task in Xuchang.

“Although Xuchang wigs sell well, the finest problem now’s they do not realize that they wish to do branding. This is just what surprised me most likely probably the most since I have come here.” Lavivid mentioned.

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