Law Firm Case Management System: Where to Get an Efficient One

Growing a legal practice requires investing in a management platform that can save you time and money. The platform should have multiple functionalities that allow for time management, billing, invoicing, document storage and retrieval, communication, among others. When your firm needs such an efficient law firm case management system that helps you to grow, talk to us at Law Ruler.

About Law Ruler

Law Ruler is a platform created with a combination of legal practice and case management system and billing software features. The platform is also designed with an intake system that allows your firm to stay organized, take in more clients easily, and be more efficient and profitable. The main features include:

  • Online Intake Forms: – the platform gives you an easy-to-use form builder that allows you to create personalized online intake forms with your firm’s logo.
  • Document Templates and Automation: – the platform also offers the ease of creating and customizing documents with ready templates and automation features.
  • Legal CRM & Contact Management: – with centralized contacts, you can tag them with unique labels and make tracking and retrieval easy.
  • Legal Case Management: – offers you 8 apps in 1, including Intake& Legal CRM, Dialer, Text messaging, Email Marketing, and Legal Billing Software.
  • Workflow Management:– this allows you to monitor and control each process and the status it is in as well as keep your staff focused.
  • Click to Call Dialer and Call Center Features: – AI powers this feature for automating calls and scheduling callbacks.
  • Texting and Email Marketing: – our platform also allows you to use short messaging, multimedia messaging for videos and pics, and Text E-Sign Retainers. These features help you to reach customers wherever they are at any time.
  • Reports and Analytics: – our reporting tools ensure that you get powerful and actionable insights on the go.
  • Medical Records Retrieval for Lawyers: – the platform, in this case, allows you to order records for Mass Tort and Injury Cases nationally.

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