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We’re Lead Route XS, a lead generation company but with a little bit of a difference in that we spend time to understand your business, way of working, your requirements & expectations from us, so we could try and exceed those expectations by delivering customised services to you.

There’re tens of thousands of lead generation companies in the UK today so the biggest challenge for any company wanting to generate leads is to find the right source because each one of them is very optimistic about their services but when it comes to delivering we all know how miserably some of them would fail. The reason why that happens is because in the last few years a massive amount of marketing companies have branched out or even completely shifted to doing lead generation without any relevant experience in the field. Now because marketing companies can thrive and have always done without having to hit any targets or prove that their marketing campaigns have led to these many sales. They can get away by saying that they ran the campaign they were asked to run, they can’t be held responsible if the campaign didn’t generate any sales. So for marketing companies, it’s always been easy. Imagine what would happen if you get a warehouse operative to fix your car! Now pardon me, because this may not be the best analogy and I am not trying to undermine the real good marketing companies who know what they’re doing however the point I am trying to put across is that marketing could be very vague and cater to just about any industry under the sun whereas lead generation is a specialist industry that focusses or should ideally focus on not more than 3 – 4 related products at the most. It takes a very long time to understand 1 product let alone 100 different products and unless you have a huge office with different departments looking after their own particular products, it’s simply not advisable to have 1 lead generation agent, who’s an expert at let’s say life insurance leads, to keep switching products every now and then.

Now we ate Lead Route XS, is an out and out professional telemarketing Co. Our strongest area is lead generation and appointment setting and we specialise in:

  • Life Insurance Hotkeys
  • Commercial Insurance Leads
  • Estate planning leads – wills, trust, LPA & funeral plans

Our team includes members who’re well qualified and experienced in their region of work.

Now Lead generation as we all know is a tricky business because customers across the board get over 10 telemarketing calls each day on average, so for you to stand out as a telemarketer you’ve really got to be professional, persistent, you should know everything about the product, the ins & outs so to speak, & to top it all you should know the exact way to offer what you’re offering. So when you’re on the phone with a customer for about 5 or 10 minutes, you can never guarantee that that particular customer is really genuinely interested in your product, offer, etc. And that’s where we come in, we picked up some really good telemarketers back in the day, after a thorough deliberation, trained them extensively & they’ve all been with us for a long time now, they understand exactly what needs to be done on the call, how to filter out those who aren’t really that keen from the good ones. But in this lead generation industry things can still go wrong at times, end of the day you’re dealing with humans and humans as we all know can have a change of mind within hours of speaking to someone, so again what matters here is not that a lead’s gone wrong but the fact that we’re geared up to go that extra mile, take that hit & keep our clients happy regardless of anything. We do that because we love looking after our clients.

We value your time hence fully understand the importance of commitment. We’d never promise you the moon but at the same time we’d always live up to our commitments. Our current clients prefer to stick to us for the quality we deliver.

Some of the reasons why you should give us a try:

  1. A Healthy Business “Relation” is more important to us than the monetary value it brings in.
  2. For us, a lead is not something that simply fits a certain given criteria, it is instead a genuine massive opportunity to sell.
  3. We are not a call centre & don’t use scripts to generate leads, our telemarketing experts engage in conversations with customers which helps them understand the customers’ requirements properly, plus they’re able to build a rapport with each customer so by the time the lead comes to you, it’s all warmed up & easy.
  4. We NEVER EVER cross sell our leads, which now-a-days seems to be a trend of sorts with many companies offering “second use” data.
  5. Most importantly, we’re very competitive
  6. We DO NOT tie you in – contracts, agreements, etc. That’s because we’re confident that you will stick to us after having used our unrivalled services.

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