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Aluminium Bronze Bar 

To make the type of bronze known as “Aluminum Bronze Bar,” aluminium is added to copper rather than normal bronze or brass as the major alloying metal. Aluminium bronzes are used in naval hardware, shafts, pump, and valve components to manage saline mine waters, saline industrial process fluids, non-oxidizing acids, and saltwater. They may be found in areas like machine tool tracks and heavy-duty sleeve bearings. We are also Bronze Bar Suppliers in Mumbai

Aluminium Bronze Bar Manufacturers

Dhanwant Metal Corporation is a top leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of  Aluminium Bronze Bars Manufacturers in Mumbai, India. We provide everything To fulfil API, ASTM, and ASME requirements, it is available in various sizes.Our Aluminium bronze bars are made from premium raw materials using cutting-edge technology. We are manufacturers and suppliers of round bar products such as hex, bright, black, flat, rectangular, and aluminium bronze bars.

Aluminium Bronze Bars Specification: 

  • Dimensions- ASTM, ASME and API
  • Size- 3.17mm to 350mm dia
  • Tolerance-  DIN 671, ASTM A484 & as per customer’s specific requirement.
  • Finish- Black, Bright, Cold drawn, Polish,Polished, Centreless Ground
  • Length- 4 to 6 metres, or as customer’s requirements
  • Form- Aluminium Bronze Bar, Hexagonal Bar.


Aluminium Bronze Bar suppliers

Dhanwant Metal Corporation has been a top quality Aluminium Bronze Bar supplier in India for many decades. We deliver two to three containers of aluminium bronze bars to Indian ports each month for a range of customers. As the top provider of aluminium bronze bars supplier in Mumbai and throughout India, we have dominated the industry for decades.


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