Leading independent supplier and distributor of obsolete electronic components

distributor of obsolete electronic components

distributor of obsolete electronic components

An obsolete electronics component refers to those unique electronic components which are no longer utilized by manufacturers. Even the components which are not accepted purchase orders for the past nine (9) months are called obsolete electronic components. Distributor of obsolete electronic components is a part of the supply chain for providing obsolete electrical components to the manufacturers. GreenTree Electronics is an obsolete components supplier and distributor of FPGA.

GreenTree Electronics LTD. is an independent representative of electronic components manufacturers and test labs. They have been working for over 20 years in the industry. And provide value-added services to the global industries including industrial components, defense, communication, and consumer application. GreenTree Electronics is a supplier of obsolete electronic components providing traceable and authenticated components. They also provide in-house electronic components testing service and quality inspection with every purchase.

GreenTree Electronics is an obsolete electronic components distributor with special microscopy inspection, electrical measurement, marking permanency, dimensions measurement, and storing and packaging. They also maintain a documented vendors’ qualification program, with up-to-date certificates. GreenTree Electronics is the leading distributor of ICs (distributor of integrated circuits). GreenTree Electronics offers a broad range of memories, including volatile and non-volatile ICs. They are also a distributor of flash memory which is mainly used for personal storage and consumer electronics. These services offered by GreenTree Electronic for obsolete electronic components make them different from others and more reliable.


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