Leakage Testing Machine Manufacturer in India

Special Purpose Machine are those machines specially designed and customized to meet customer’s specific requirement or demand. These tailor-made machines are generally not included in Standard Manufacturing Programs and thus are not available on ready to sale basis.

UMR Technology has been categorically indulged in manufacturing of special purpose machines from decades. Our long experience with expertise on several processes and our innovative quest drive us to make exceptional special purpose machines that not only caters the need but also are Smart in doing so. Setting benchmark of quality, we have become a reliable name in the domain of manufacturing excellent performing Special Purpose Machines. Our SPMs work in the arena of mixing, emulsifying, dispersing, grinding, size reduction, resin manufacturing, electrical components manufacturing, solvent recovery and several other fields.

These machines are used to carry specific job / operation only. A simple example of special purpose machine is multi spindle drilling machine. In this machine we can fit any number of drills, and  also  of  different  diameters, so instead of drilling one drill at a time, the specific special purpose machines drills  the desired number of drills at a time, which in course reduces the cycle time,  increases  the  production and which  in turn reduces the cost. Main criteria for this machine are the required quantity should be more so that the cost of the machine will be recovered.

UMR Technology is Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Leak Test Machines. This product is also known as Leak Testing Machines and Leakage Testing Machine.

For more information visit our website: http://www.umrtech.com/leakage-testing-machine

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