Learn About the Kids Online Coding Classes for Grade 1 – 2

There are online classes specially designed for kids from Grade 1 – 2 that teach them to code. The kids are taught simple coding concepts, maths and logic in the online classes. There are three different levels of online classes. Scratch programming language is used to teach the kids to code.

Kids can be taught coding as they can understand concepts easily. There are many opportunities in the field of computer coding and learning to code will help the kids in the future. There are online classes that teach the kids from Grade 1 – 2 to code.

The courseware is made simple so that the kids can understand easily. The kids are taught through examples in games, art, music, storytelling, animation and maths problem-solving. The kids learn by doing and this makes learning effective.

The online classes are taught through next-generation virtual classrooms by expert teachers. The kids online coding classes teach the kids to code using block-based visual programming language, Scratch. Scratch is used all over the world to teach kids to code.

Details of the kids online coding classes (Grade 1 – 2)

There are three levels of online classes namely the Beginners class, the Advanced class and the Mastery class. The details of the classes are as follows:

Beginner class (Grade 1- 2)
The Beginners class has 36 online sessions.

  • Coding fundamentals
  • Storytelling and Animation with code
  • Publishing platform Games

Advanced class (Grade 1- 2)
The Advanced class has 72 online sessions.

  • In-depth coding using data structures and algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) with webcam motion sensing
  • Publishing an AI-powered Game

Mastery class (Grade 1 – 2)
The Mastery class has 144 online sessions.

  • Advanced maths and Spatial reasoning
  • Algorithmic thinking
  • Publishing a mobile app
  • Publishing 3D Virtual Reality game

The kids new to coding should begin with the Beginners class and if interested then the kid should enroll in the higher-level classes.

Features of online classes

The online classes are held on weekdays and weekends and the kids can decide when they want to learn. The kids can book a free trial class to know how the virtual classes are conducted.

The online classes include quizzes and group contests in which the kids can take part. This makes learning fun and effective. Once the kids enroll in the online classes they get free access to apps that offer daily puzzles and contests. They also get free access to various websites.

During the class, the kids can share anything online like whiteboards, code editors, A / V streamings and more.

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