Learn about the Scratch programming language online courses

Scratch is a free visual-based programming language and it is designed for kids. There are online courses available that teach the kids programming using the Scratch language. The courses teach the kids to create their own stories and games. The kids are taught by expert teachers using interactive online classrooms.

Scratch is the most widely used language to teach kids programming. There are online courses designed for kids that teach them programming. For kids from Grade 1- 4, the programming language taught is Scratch. There are courses available for kids aged 6 – 9.

The courses teach the kids programming concepts, mathematics concepts and logic. The Scratch programming language is used to teach the kids to build stories, animation and games. The kids find this language easy to learn and use.

When the kids build their own games or stories they use the coding concepts. The kids do not have to write down code as the language is visual in nature. The courses are taught by expert teachers through interactive online classrooms. The 1: 1 learning method is also offered to the kids.

Details of the courses
The kids learn the programming fundamentals, logic development concepts, mathematics concepts, game development concepts and language commands.

The kids learn to build their own games and they are taught concepts like collision detection, animation and graphics. The kids also learn about animation along the X-axis and the Y-axis. The kids learn to build platformer games with animation, games with collision and score and more. The kids also learn about level design in the games.

The kids learn to change the angles of sprites, build sprite visuals, play sounds and more. The kids learn about animation in the courses.

The kids are taught to design stories with characters, dialogues and animation. They then create code using Scratch to bring their stories alive. The kids learn through projects like draw and animate sprites, create a dialogue between two characters and create stories with interactions and music.

The kids learn skills like animation, 2D graphics, storytelling, storyboarding, character design and logical programming. The kids build skills like critical thinking, systematic reasoning for solving problems and collaboration through the courses.

Features of the Scratch programming language
Scratch is a visual block-based programming language. The kids have to move the block-like interfaces to create code. The kids can move the existing blocks or use the drag-and-drop feature to move the block-like interfaces.

The kids can easily build animation and games using this language. Scratch makes learning fun and easy for the kids.

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