Learn golf for beginners Kids with our golf Expert in Liverpool!

Our golf lessons for kids in Liverpool will introduce you to one of the world’s oldest and most popular sports; golf is a game for all – it’s even been played on the moon! With these golf lessons being taught by Australia PGA Professional Golf Instructor, you rest assured that these are some of the best golf lessons for beginners in Sydney. These golf lessons have been carefully designed to teach you the fundamentals of golf, focusing on grip and technique to help you master the fundamentals of the sport!

This golf short course is designed for beginners of any adult age and most fitness levels. All clubs and balls are provided and all equipment is professionally fitted for you to achieve the best possible results. Our introductory golf lessons will have you in the mindset of a golfer, with fundamental skills that you can take to any golf course!

Learning outcomes

By the end of these golf lessons for beginners, you should be able to:

  • grip the club correctly
  • stand correctly
  • set-up correctly
  • swing a golf club with proper technique
  • chip a golf ball
  • putt a golf ball
  • hit golf shots with the appropriate club
  • understand the basic rules of the game of golf
  • feel confident to complete a round of golf on a course
  • understand how to continue playing golf (a casual public course or join a club).

What will be covered in these golf lessons?

Learn the fundamentals of a golf swing in our friendly and fun environment. Aspects of golf to be covered during the classes will include:

  • grip
  • stance
  • set-up
  • full swing
  • chipping
  • putting
  • Selecting the correct equipment to use.

Who are these golf lessons for?

This golf short course is ideal for:

  • Kids who have never played and would like introductory golf lessons to learn the fundamentals
  • anyone wanting to brush up on the brush up their existing golf skills in a relaxed environment

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