Learn How to connect canon printer to wi-fi?

How to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-fi

More and more models of printers with Wi-Fi connections that go out to the markets are created to be able to print documents, photographs, etc. without the need to make use of the connection cables. That is why today we are going to show you how you can connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi either in your work or home. This will allow you to be able to make prints in a very easy and fast way through the wireless network configured with your computer. As well as being able to take advantage of all the printing functions.

If a user wants to know how to set up a Canon wireless printer, then it can be easily carried out by following a set of instructions. Canon printer wireless setup is used to connect a user’s computer and the Canon printer via a wireless network. If a wireless connection is established, there will be an advantage of printing anywhere using the device. If a file is saved in the device and it needs to be printed, just select the file and get it printed.

With the help of Canon wireless printer is an all-in-one inkjet printer which replies to commands that are directly issued from your Wi-Fi enabled devices. If you are looking forward to being familiar with the steps to connect your Canon printer with a wireless network, then you need to follow the below points carefully. Sometimes, due to improper wireless setup, you may face how to connect canon printer to wifi issue. So, while creating a wireless setup you need to be very cautious.

Steps to Install and Connect your Wi-Fi Printer

At present, it is almost impossible not to find new printer models, both with ink and toner cartridges, which do not have WIFI technology. The rapid development of the digital world is displacing the use of cables to simplify things. That is why you must be prepared for everything.

Being able to perform this Canon Wireless Printer Setup installation and configure your printer to the Wi-Fi network is extremely easy. This will allow you to print from your computer, laptop or mobile device. This technology has already been included in virtually all computers today.

Steps to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi

Steps 1: Make sure your printer is powered on and a wireless router and WPS button are available if needed.

Steps 2: Press the [Wi-Fi] button of the printer until the printer blinks the light.

Step 3: Press the [Black] button, then press the [Wi-Fi] button. Make sure the Wi-Fi light is on. Press the [WPS] button after 2 minutes.

Step 4: The blue Wi-Fi lamp printer will continue to flash. When connected to an access point, the power and Wi-Fi lights blink. The printer is correctly connected to its wireless network. Power and Wi-Fi lights are not blinking, indicating that the connection is down.

Steps 5: Be sure to turn on any WiFi lights and lights

How to Connect Canon  Printer to WiFi on Windows OS 10, 8.1, 7, XP

To connect your Canon printer to the WiFi router, you’ll need to install the printer software into your Windows PC or Laptop device for this.

  • Close your all applications before installation.
  • Sign-in on using an administrator user account.

If you have a PC or laptop is enabled with the CD-ROM drive then you can simply insert the CD that came along with the Pinter kit. For software installation through the CD, you will have the following. To know more about canon wireless printer setup windows 10 so, you need to visit on the given link. :

  • Insert the CD in the CD-ROM drive.
  • Click on the “Run Msetup4.exe” on the autoplay screen.
  • Click yes to continue on the User Account Control dialog box.

Now after following the step you can connect the Canon printer to Wi-Fi. if you are unable to after reading then you do not worry about you have another choice to it you can call printer customer care number. it is toll-free 24/7 technical are available here. You can fix here all types of printer issues.

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