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Although this year’s virtual draft will bring some unique challenges, Gutunzt believes that this will not hinder his potential trading efforts. “I think this will not be a big problem. Of course not,” Gutunster said.

The maximum tool for the black panther is still ground offensive, running to Jonathan Stewart, completed 989 yards, and the Mike Tolbert completed 197 yards to squad. Buffton has brought 1812 yards and 15 Dove data for the black leopard ground.

No intake machine? I can make it! Sutter 10,000? I can make it! The game of lollipops, code numbers, reachable columns, goals, I can make! (Quickly call me Al Rusu!) In order to let the family support me playing rugby, I combine the rugby with the steel pipe.

The first time in the 2015 season next season: Black Leopard

The Black Panther team was established on October 26, 1993 and is the 29th team of wholesale Nfl jerseys and is the first new team since 1976. In 2003, after the Black Pantles won the National Union champion, he did not enter the super bowl. The 2015 season should be the strongest black panther in the history of the team, 15 wins and 1 loss in the regular season, and enter the playoffs with the highest winning rate team.

“This is a long wait, there are many real outstanding players who will be taken before we are going to us,” he said. “If you need it, we will be ready to trade, and if this is the best thing to us, we are also ready to trade down.”

Steel people will defense to defend the end

Most of the last year’s break is looking at the long career of Brett Keisel, but the Pittsburgh steel man renewed with him in August, he gave birth to the 13th Season.

Ki Sal’s contract is that the steel man can bear. His salary next season will be $ 1.5 million, the 2014 season’s performance is better than some steel people’s young defenders, so the steel person may be interested in let Chi Go back to the 14th season of our own.

The most terrible place for the Black Panther is that the three consecutive-year-old defensive groups makes the opponent only the 19.9 branch of the union ranked second. Luke Kuechly is still in the absence of 3 games, and the first 72 clams are listed in the group, and teammates Thomas Davis is 44 individuals. Hold the team. Josh Norman, Josh Norman, basically identified the name of the first corner of his alliance, and the top of his top, the top of the league, only completed in their pair of attention 89 yards of embarrassing data (Dez Bryant), Julio Jones, Deandre Hopkin, Ty Hilton) of course There is also the uncontrolled Odel Beckham Jr., in fact, Noghman’s 46th dishes also ranked first five.

Preferred – Drek Carl (raid): Carl’s recent state is too hot, Lian Key Malaysia, Texas, Black Panther three defensive strong teams, Carburn is more hot, this week, face buffalo, must There is a stable fire output, which is not allowed to choose the choice of fans.

Alternative & Mdash; Giant Team: The unexpected team, the giant team is very stable, especially when JPP last week has an amazing play, opposite the steel people this week, Da Bing recently liked the long pass, it is giving the giant team The opportunity of the defensive group of the big fair.

On-site security is also cheering for steel people

We can always see the police station in the NFL stadium side. They are there to prevent some crazy things, and of course, sometimes they feel like sufferingists.

Alternative & mdash; Carlos Hyde (49 people): In the last two weeks, Hyde has a good play, Katnik, has improved, and Hyde also has stable data, and has a ball in the end in the last two weeks. Good play, this week, facing the bear team (defense is poor), Hyde may have a good play.

New York jet this season offense is a disaster. Although it is almost the first-season offensive group, it is only 17.8 points in this season, and the league is ranked fifth. The offset period is the result of the contract problem. The quarter-free Rui’an-Fez Patrick This season is a disaster. Only 10 in the 10 games he played but there is 13 times of copying. “Big beard” will also get a million salary next year? I don’t think of this dreameron now.

The biggest hero that protrudes this season’s black leopard has been more than the team star quartz, Cam Newton. As of now, Newton completed 3544 yards pass, 33 passes reached, 626 yards, and 8 running balls. His lost 5 times this season was copied 10 times to reduce the minimum of career.

“I have been preparing for the arrival of the day, for & lsquo; that day & rsquo; I mean the end,” Ki Slelle said for ESPN. “But now I have not ended yet, I will let the injury heal and see what will happen.”

Although the black panther’s ball is not as many as other teams, it is mostly a practical player, Greg Olsen 75 times the ball 1088 yards complete 7 reaches almost a Newton pass 70% goals. The new show, Devin Funchess, 25th, 253 yards, completed 4 reaches, very good completed the need for the team’s remote ball.

[I, olive] I am Li Yaan, I will continue my rugby dream in the city of Shang Shang

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