Learn how to increase Instagram followers and likes

Instagram is a leading social networking site and is mostly used by teenagers and business developers.

So, In a nutshell, Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows users to assign filters to photos and share them with followers. Instagram rolled out a desktop site this year for browsing, but the app continues to be a preferred environment for users to interact.

Social media users are obsessed with numbers. They track their likes, friends, followers, reposts, post engagements. You name it, they’re keeping an eye on it – as well they should. Those things are important for building a successful social media profile. This is especially true for Instagram followers. Both professional and personal accounts can benefit from a high follower count on Instagram. But there are a few tricks to building a solid following on Instagram. Lucky for you, we’ve got them all right here.

Check out the list of some amazing tactics to get free followers and likes on your Instagram public profile or business page.

1. Smart Use of #Hashtags

Yes, you may use hashtags in various ways to increase followers on Instagram. Using hashtags not only increases the chance of high exposure, but you can also track the performance of hashtags. Additionally, Instagram has introduced clickable hashtags that have made it easy for the user to find and follow pages based on their interests. Cool, isn’t it? Don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitor’s hashtags. Check out their audiences and hashtags they are following. It will help you to design your hashtag strategy.

2.Engagement with Other’s Pictures and Videos

Seems useless? But, it isn’t. Imagine, you have two Instagram friends, one being an active participant on your posts and the other is not involved in your posts? So, if they both create the same post, which would, you like and comment on? I hope you’ve got your answer. Yes, liking and commenting on other’s photos and videos are the best way to get noticed by them. Make sure you make some top-notch and humorous comments instead of making random comments on random photographs. Believe it or not, a creative and funny comment can bring you a lot of followers because the users expect to get such posts on your profile.

3. Follow the Influencers

You have to be a bit smart here. First, look for the people who have a good following and share new content regularly. Visit their profiles and turn on notifications for their posts so you don’t miss any piece of content they share. Now, whenever they share new content, try to interact with them. Frequent interaction from your side will lead to a long-lasting relationship with these influencers and you or your brand may become one of their favorites.

4.Effective Use of Days and Timings

Billions of pictures are shared on Instagram on a daily basis; therefore, the chances of their visibility are less. On Sundays, the ratio of image posting is lower than other weekdays so your images can get more visibility. On the other hand, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are among the best weekdays to share your content and get noticed by your followers.

5. Focus on Your Target Audience

You have to be able to locate posts that your target audience interacts with, most especially if your brand is consumer specific. You could also create posts that will attract the interest of your target audience from time to time. doing this will definitely earn you the followers that you crave for your brand promotion with relative ease.

6. Creating a Brand Aesthetic

You have to be very consistent in the way you go about using your page so as not to confuse followers, thereby making them aware of what they stand to gain from following you. be conscious of your personality especially if you represent a brand, or you an influence. Never contradict yourself as this will make you look confused and clueless.

7. Promotion of Your Instagram Page on Other Social Networks

If you have a lot of followers or friends on other social media platforms, you can convince them to follow you on Instagram. If the reasons they are your followers on other social network is as a result of your posts, assuring them you are more active on Instagram with similar posts will make you follow them there. Sharing a link of your Instagram page on social media will also make it very easy for them to click and follow you.

8. Share Compelling Posts

Understanding our audience is very important, and if you can share posts and contents that will captivate them from time to time, you can rest assured of gaining more followers. Make sure that everything that you post must be relatable and interesting to them in such. Also, it is important that you find a balance between the humor of the most and the message that it’s sending across. Don’t be too rigid with posts such users do not have a humorous feeling towards it. Also, don’t be too lackadaisical with your posts.

9. Follow for Follow

This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it could be effective if you are looking to reach a certain figure for followers as soon as possible. You can get relevant genuine accounts, follow them and request for a follow back. If you get some accounts to follow you with this method, you can successfully gain some of their followers too in the process.

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