Learn How To Install Paint Protection Film At INKAS Design PPF Training Program

The paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane (TPU) film that is used to preserve the paint on new and used cars. These are often translucent and offer the highest protection from scrapes, small stones, and small scratches in the industry. Typically, the film is placed on car surfaces to preserve the paintwork from particles. The film can wrap and stretch more easily around irregular forms or on diverse vehicle curves. Many people are becoming paint protection film installers and choosing PPF as a career. 

Benefits Of Paint Protection Film 

In everyday driving settings, clear bras feature a top coating comprised of polyurethane or urethane to repair minor scratches. The acrylic adhesive on the bottom layer is designed to be flexible. Here are some of the advantages that paint protection film offers. 

  • Paint protection film produces a better-looking finish. 
  • It removes orange peel and glue marks 
  • Paint protection film protects from chemical and corrosion resistance 
  • Paint protection film keeps your car looking brand new 
  • Damage is repelled by a paint protection film paint protection film is almost 
  • 3m paint protection film is completely invisible 
  • Paint protection film is a budget-friendly option 

Learn How To Install Paint Protection Film At INKAS Design PPF Training Program

Becoming a paint protection film installer is now easy with the INKAS Design PPF Training Program.  INKAS Design PPF Training Program is one of the best options you can go for if you want to become a PPF installer or want to do a business of paint protection film, this training can help you well.  You can start your career well by joining their two-day workshop. During their workshop you can learn about the following: 

Kiril from INKAS® Design provided two full days of industry insights and tactics.

  • Vehicle Preparation & Cleaning
  • PPF Preparation (machine cut & hand-cut)
  • Application/Installation of PPF
  • Repairing and removing PPF

Learning Through Inkas Design Training Program

Day 1 at the Inkas Design PPF Training Program – 

VEHICLE ACCEPTANCE – This includes a thorough examination of the vehicle for any dents, scratches, or chips, as well as proper documentation and administrative procedures.

PREPARE YOUR VEHICLE FOR PPF – During this time, you will learn about:

  • Techniques for cleaning
  • Cleaning with chemicals or compounds
  • Application of clay bar
  • Procedures for drying
  • Badges, pieces, and trimmings are being prepared.

PPF MATERIAL PREPARATION – This class will teach you about hand-cutting and pre-cutting processes, as well as how to use a plotter and design software.

PPF APPLICATION – You will learn about the following in this section:

  • Temperature and shop conditions must be met.
  • An in-depth examination of several application approaches is provided.
  • Advanced techniques for producing high-quality outcomes
  • Trimming and tucking/wrapping techniques that are more advanced
  • Using a variety of PPF films, as well as vehicle panels and finishes

Day 2 at the Inkas Design PPF Training Program – 

The second day is devoted to putting everything you’ve learned on the first day into practice under the supervision of a professional PPF installer. 

You’ll get hands-on experience with end-to-end PPF installation techniques, including manual and plotter-guided PPF trimming. 

You’ll apply PPF on a hood, fender, lights, mirrors, bumper, and other car pieces, both pre-cut and hand-cut.

Finishing It Up 

Well, the paint protection film possesses a lot of benefits for the protection of your car. You can start your career as a paint protection film installer or even you can start a business of paint protection film. All you need is a good training start. Inkas Design PPF Training can help you well in framing your PPF career. You will have adequate knowledge and hands-on experience with PPF materials and services after the two-day intensive programme to begin your career as a PPF installer. Visit them now and take the first step towards your PPF career by joining their two days training programme. 

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