Learn How To Play Chinese Poker And Other Online Games

Poker online games are viral right now, and you need to try them out if you’re bored and are looking at learning something new.


Here are some of the best poker games you need to know to play if you’re a newbie.


Texas Hold’em Poker – This variant is the most popular yet and the most played. A novice or a champ, you’ve ought to know this game. You get two hole cards and five community cards. You can play this game with poker online for free and participate in tournaments that offer real money poker in India.


Omaha Poker – It is the second most popular poker games variant to be played. You play the version with four private cards and five community cards. However, the five-card hand must consist of two hole cards.


Omaha Hi-Lo – Omaha Hi-Lo or Omaha 8 has more than one winner, and the one with the highest-ranking cards and the one with lowest ranking card hand wins.


Seven-card stud – As opposed to the traditional five-card poker, this variant allows you to play with seven cards.


Five-card Omaha – In this variant, players get dealt with five private cards and five community cards. In 5-card Omaha, the player has to utilise the exact number of three community cards and two hole cards.


Another riveting card game variant of poker is Chinese poker, also known as OFC poker. This gets played with 13 cards instead of the usual four cards and is a score-based game instead of having betting rounds. It is a unique poker variant you need to try for yourself today.


Here is a short overview of how you can play Chinese poker –


  1. Players decide on a fixed amount before the game starts.
  2. The rule of allowing a player to opt-out or surrender in a game needs to be pre-decided.
  3. The dealer begins dealing thirteen cards starting from the player sitting to the immediate next to him. The dealer keeps changing in a clockwise motion.
  4. All players get thirteen cards, whether it’s two, three, or four players.
  5. Divide your cards between the top, bottom, and middle hands.
  6. The player to the dealer’s immediate left will start the round by deciding whether they want to continue or surrender.
  7. In the same order as above, the players will announce their royalties.
  8. Then, the cards will get turned face-up, and each hand’s comparison will occur.
  9. Each player gets one point for having the winning hand. And if you win all three hands, then it is called a ‘scoop.’ Winning all three hands will get you three points.
  10. There needs to be a check done to determine whether a player made a foul or missed a set.
  11. Once the points get counted in the scoreboard, this hand comes to an end, and the dealer changes.


So that is how you play these riveting poker online games. Check them out now!

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