Learn How to Play Open Face Chinese Poker

Poker rules can be so overwhelming for someone who has never been dealt a card at the table. The intricacies are the core reasons for many never to try their hand with the game of cards. Whether the complexities of poker’s structure daunt them, or whether it is the money that haunts them, those new to poker always find a reason to stop them from the action. But this is not the case whatsoever. It is true; poker does have rules that are difficult to wrap your head around. From calculations of probabilities to the careful judgment of each round, playing poker is no joke. However, certain variations offer more fun than others. These are much lighter and do not require as much knowledge.

Open Face Chinese Poker is one such game that allows you to take the game less seriously and have some fun in the process. How to play Open Face Chinese Poker? Suppose you are a regular poker player who is aching for relief, desperate for a break, this one’s perfect for you. Now, although this game has the word ‘poker’ in it, it has nothing to do with betting and chips. However, it does have the involvement of essential poker hands, which you would be aware of even if you are a beginner player.

Basic Rules of Open Face Chinese Poker

Not many players can be accommodated in a single game with the limit of players being anywhere between two to four per game. In this variation, each player is dealt with 13 cards individually. Once you’re dealt with your set of cards, you aim to make three separate poker hands: two having five cards in each while one is having three. As with all other games, the one with the best overall poker hand wins in the showdown. Your odds of beating your opponents are higher since you have three individual hands you can use. However, not setting your cards in the necessary structure could cost you big time as a loss in these games is a lot more with the number of hands involved, even with lesser players. ‘Royalty’ represents the scoring section placed just before the dealer’s position in each game. The more hands you win, the more credits you earn in Open Face Chinese Poker. Once all credits are distributed, the button position shifts to the left to start the next game.


Poker is known for having its many variations. For those who look to play a casual game of cards without investing much of their time and mental attention, Open Face Chinese Poker is a reliable option. Other similar variations offer the same experience. Pineapple poker is also a card game that focuses less on strategy and more on essential elements. If you have the slightest of knowledge of poker game rules, you can quickly get hands-on with these games without having to worry much.

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